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What Price Should I Be Paying for Breast Augmentation?

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What Price Should I Be Paying for Breast Augmentation?

So you’re interested in a Breast Augmentation. You’ve come to this point and you soon realize there’s an array of competition out there vying for your attention and hard-earned dollars and you wonder… What price SHOULD I be paying for a Breast Augmentation?

What’s the difference between them all?

Why is there such a disparity between prices?

Does the price tag actually reflect the quality of the Breast Augmentation Surgery?

In a word, YES, it does!

Just like you wouldn’t expect to walk into a Chanel store and buy a high-end, beautiful, quality bag for $100, so too, you can’t expect a high-quality Breast Augmentation if you’re paying only $6,000.

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that only the price of Breast Augmentation in Australia has dramatically dropped—the quality too has dropped with the price!

When it comes to your body, you should NEVER base a decision like this purely on price. It’s really not about shopping around to get the ‘best price’ for a Breast Augmentation. It should be about whether you can afford, or can arrange to finance, a high-quality Breast Augmentation that will give you the best result for your body type.

A ‘lowest price’ offer needs to be questioned because logically something is being left out to be able to offer you the surgery at such a low cost. Low-cost Breast Augmentations cannot be compared to high-quality counterparts. Again, it’s like comparing a handbag from a discount store to a handbag from Chanel. They’re not comparable. AT ALL! They’re on two completely different playing levels and one of them will probably serve you better and longer, as well as look better, for years and years to come…

So what’s the difference between them all, you may ask?


Around the $5-6k price point. Usually, this reflects one or more of the following:

  • A ‘one style fits all’ type of approach with a Clinic who will generally offer just one brand and shape of implant: Round!
  • Sometimes, trainee Surgeons with limited experience in Breast Augmentation will be hired to perform these surgeries, hence why they can offer such a cheap price.
  • No choices are given in terms of implant style, size, shape or brand.
  • Only one location of incision (i.e. under the breast)
  • Only one position of the implant. Usually this is ‘in front of the muscle’ (even though you may look better by going ‘under the muscle’ but this takes them longer to do!)
  • No lengthy consultation to inform you of ALL the information you need to make the right decisions and try on different implants.
  • Some of these Clinics strongly push you to have the surgery offshore.


Around $7-$8k price point. A slightly better standard than the ultra-cheap but again something is usually missing. It could be any one or more of the following:

  • A surgeon with less experience in Breast Augmentations.
  • Quick surgery, usually by placing all implants ‘in front of the muscle’ (even though a more attractive result could be achieved by going ‘under the muscle’ but this takes longer to do!).
  • No lengthy consultation to inform you of ALL the information you need to make the right choices and try on different implants in a crop-top.
  • No offer of the more expensive, but PROVEN-SAFER Polyurethane Foam-Covered Silicone Implants that dramatically reduce the chances of repeat surgery. Even worse, some surgeons discourage patients from even considering these safer implants!


Minimum $10k upwards. Generally offered by a very skillful and proficient Breast Augmentation Surgeon who has completed many Breast Augmentation surgeries over many years, has a reputation for quality results, and has lots of positive online reviews of his work.

  • At this level, patients need to be very discerning as a higher price doesn’t always mean they are getting their best choices in the ‘Quality’ pricing tier. Some Surgeons may charge a higher price and still not offer you the dearer but proven-safer Polyurethane Foam-Covered Implants, so it goes back to the importance of the patient being fully aware of all their options before making a choice of Surgeon.
  • What are you actually paying for? Some Surgeons at this level could be over charging to present themselves as a better quality option. Again it is the patient who needs to understand and be fully informed in terms of their options before making a decision on a Surgeon.

Unfortunately, cheap prices along with their lower standards have almost ruined this industry and in turn, affected the way people are searching when it comes to choosing whom they should see for their Breast Augmentation. Don’t be caught into spending less now and needing much more to fix it later on if something goes wrong. Fixing a poor Breast Augmentation could cost an extra $20,000, which you may not be able to afford and you then have to live with the problem.

Unfortunately, we regularly hear these types of stories at our Clinic.

Don’t be one of them!

At Breast Excellence, we offer every patient ‘Our Seven Points of Difference’:

  • A lengthy 2-hour consultation the likes of which you would be unlikely to find anywhere else. This consultation is entirely with our experienced Breast Augmentation Surgeon, not a Nurse or Sales Consultant.
  • The choice of implant brand, shape, style and size. Our doctor will advise and help you in this regard but will always leave the final choice up to you.
  • The choice of the PROVEN-SAFER, POLYURETHANE FOAM-COVERED SILICONE IMPLANTS that dramatically reduce the chances of the 2 most common complications that can occur after surgery. Not all Surgeon’s offer these! We are one of Australia’s largest and longest-time users of these first-class implants.
  • The choice of incision location including the ‘armpit approach’ not commonly performed in Australia
  • The choice of four implant positions: ‘Under the muscle,' 'In front of the muscle,' Sub-Fascial and Dual Plane.
  • Thorough Pre-Operative Assessment and Investigations to ensure you are healthy and fit for anaesthesia and surgery.
  • 24/7 availability post-surgery and follow-up appointments at no extra cost.

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