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What Causes Prickly Heat and Solutions

Prickly Heat is a very common skin rash associated with heat and sweat. Here is how to reduce the symptoms and reduce the chances of it occuring.

By Life and ChatPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Prickly Heat is a common skin rash condition that results in an itchy rash. Often referred to as sweat rash or heat rash, it’s proper name is miliaria rubra. It’s more common in children but it’s a regular occurrence across the warmer months and even in the later colder seasons. This piece aims to talk about the causes of the rash as well as some of the solutions. Like with all rashes, it’s difficult to fully prevent the rash but understanding why it happens and how to treat it can be very useful in reducing the uncomfortability and providing quicker relief.

Symptoms of Prickly Heat

Prickly Heat is like any other rash, an area of skin becomes reddish and often provides an itching sensation. The most common areas for this rash to be found is on the arms, neck and chest. This rash is usually quickly present on the skin but can take a few days to fully develop; it’s always best to take the first signs of prickly heat as a warning and to stop any activity that could worsen the condition to avoid unnecessary irritation. In some cases, the rash can form as a small group of blisters. This is no cause for concern and the effect should still pass within days.

What causes prickly heat?

Typically, prickly heat is caused by hot weather and humidity. The rash is a reaction to sweat being unable to leave the skin and blocking ducts or glands. This is why it is more common amongst young people, particularly infants. Their sweat glands are still developing and their skin isn’t as used to changing climates. This is also why heat rashes are common amongst people holidaying abroad in warmer climates, their skin isn’t used to the hotter temperatures.

While this is typically a result of warm weather and over sweating due to the heat, there are other causes that can happen at any time of the year such as wearing overly tight warm clothing, a lot of physical activity usually in tighter clothing as due to a fever from an illness. It is important to know how to treat it if it does come up so let’s discuss solutions and preventions.

Preventions of prickly heat

Basically, to avoid prickly heat, you need to reduce your sweating and take precautions to avoid sweat building up. For example, when exercising outside, choose gear that’ll take moisture away from your skin such as sweat bands. Take frequent cool showers when travelling abroad or into hotter climates. Try to wear loose-fitting clothing with a cooler material like cotton.

Solutions to help with Prickly Heat

If you do end up with prickly heat rash, the best thing to do is remove yourself from the cause. Cool down the rash, avoid the heat where possible, wear loose clothing and try to keep the rash open to the air. The rash should go within a few days and the main issue will be the itching sensation that comes with the rash. A popular way to remove that is through the use of oils and creams. A natural and traditional example would be calamine lotion which should be applied to the area and should soothe the symptoms. A popular choice is skin rash creams but it is important to choose mineral-based creams as these do not contain dangerous chemicals.

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