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Want to squeeze with your hands when you have acne?

by Diana K. Smith 6 months ago in skincare

Pay attention to these wrong behaviors

Heart of beauty in everyone. In life, many people feel distressed by large and small acne on their faces, trying to treat them through skin care, diet, etc., and even more blindly believe in anti-acne products or remedies, resulting in more serious skin damage . So, what should we do in the face of acne on the face?

How does acne form?

The secretion of sebum is excreted through the mouth of our hair follicle, and there is a kind of bacteria in the mouth of the hair follicle-Propionibacterium acnes. It can decompose long-chain fatty acids in sebum and turn long-chain fatty acids into free fatty acids. This fatty acid can stimulate the skin to produce inflammation, stimulate the ducts of the hair follicles, and make the cells of the hair follicle ducts proliferate excessively. At the same time, it can also cause excessive keratinocyte hyperplasia.

The exfoliated keratin and sebum mix and accumulate at the mouth of the hair follicle to form acne. According to the degree of severity and individual differences in reactivity, it may also form inflammatory papules, cysts, pustules and so on.

Avoid these wrong acne removal behaviors

Excessive scrubbing

When we are in humid and high temperature environments such as bathrooms and baths, we must avoid excessive scrubbing. If you scrub too much, the hair follicle opening and the keratin around the hair follicle will easily fall off. After falling off, it will easily cause the pores to become clogged, which can easily form embolism, leading to skin damage such as acne and acne.

At the same time, excessive wiping can also cause epidermal abrasions, resulting in damage such as scaling and dry skin. Not only can it not play a good cleaning effect, but it can also easily provide conditions for the formation of acne and cause secondary damage to the skin.

Blind medication

To treat acne or reduce the recurrence of acne, you need to be diagnosed and treated by a professional doctor according to the skin damage. Because it is difficult for us to clearly and accurately determine the type and severity of our acne. In addition, the medicines bought by oneself cannot be accurately and effectively treated without scientific diagnosis, which may aggravate skin damage.

Do not follow the doctor's advice, apply ointment repeatedly

There are specific restrictions on the use of drugs. Some ointments need to be used at night. During the day, the sun will irritate the skin and cause some inflammation. Some people are eager to treat, do not follow the doctor's advice, and apply repeatedly, which eventually backfired. The ointment did not play a therapeutic role, but other adverse reactions occurred. When dealing with acne, we must strictly follow the doctor's advice and choose the frequency and frequency of medication.

Prevention of acne must do these three steps

1. Pay attention to the water temperature when washing your face

If the water temperature is too cold, the dirt on the surface of the sebum will not be easily cleaned off. Insufficient cleaning can easily lead to acne and acne. Overheating of the water is also inappropriate. If the water temperature is too hot, the sebum membrane will be destroyed, which will easily lead to adverse reactions such as skin dryness and desquamation.

2. Choose the right facial cleanser

If your skin has acne, you can usually choose an oil-controlling, gentle and non-irritating facial cleanser to clean your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you must choose cleaning products with less additive preservatives. If you have dry skin, choose products with strong moisturizing properties. In fact, the texture of lotion, foam, gel and other facial cleansers does not affect our use, as long as it is a regular product that is suitable for our skin type.

3. Good living habits

If there is too much mental stress and get angry in a hurry, it is easy to increase the cortex, and sebum accumulates on the skin surface to induce acne. The correct prevention of acne requires us to have a good attitude, a reasonable diet, and a healthy schedule. Make adjustments to your diet and eat less greasy, spicy, and overly sweet foods. Don't stay up late, keep a good mood.


Diana K. Smith

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Diana K. Smith
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