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Type & Style; Cate Blanchett

by Samad Mammadov 2 years ago in celebrities
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Cate Blanchett's dominating the “yang” charge.

Type & Style Cate Blanchett

Today I have finally decided to present an analysis of the types of popular actresses and analysis from images and style of Cate Blanchett."The way I dress doesn't necessarily have to do with fashion, or what is current, or what is in right now. It's more about rediscovering things." - Cate Blanchett ( Fashion Quote )

I admit, I planned a post about this actress for a long time, and not only because she is among my favorites. On-screen (and not only) images of the Cate Blanchett is a great example of how you can maximize your style range and get different results, referring to different styles to design your appearance.

Today, there are many systems for understanding and typing appearance that are different and sometimes arguing among themselves. For example, what is more important, what sets the tone in type: color or facial features, physique or texture?

In my opinion, here, as a whole in matters of style, there is no single answer for everyone, and everything depends on the personal point of view of each individual.

In the case of Cate Blanchett, the tone is undoubtedly set by geometry, physique and facial features. While texture and color play the second (but important!) role.

High growth, large and well-defined facial features, straight lines and simple shapes, almost complete absence of roundness, softness, smooth lines. With such data, Cate Blanchett is a lady with very high energy.

This appearance is characterized by stability, confidence, strength, and with obvious harmony, there is no impression of fragility or weakness.

Even in her youth, Kate looks strong and steady, penetrating, in her appearance, there is neither airiness, nor obvious softness, nor romanticism.

Cate Blanchett's dominating the “yang” charge.

From the point of view of style, the creation of such images comes down to strengthening the “yang” charge. Height, physique, the figure of Cate Blanchett are great for classic male silhouettes, forming the image of a strong, assertive, confident - a woman who is on equal terms with men:

With this type of character, Cate Blanchett is harmonious in images inspired by the 40s style (they also dominate the “yang” charge.

Therefore her choice for the role of Katherine Hepburn in the film "Aviator" is very logical.

And the stronger it is to emphasize this masculine “yang” energy, the harder the image can be obtained. Despite the fact that the appearance of the actress is not dramatic in nature - in her appearance there is no sharpness, sharp angles, high contrast, however, with such a “yang” frame, the motive of rigidity and even aggression in this appearance can be developed and strengthened.

The dark shade of the hair increases the contrast, making the appearance more dramatic and tougher, especially if the hairstyle will have a clear "unnatural" shape.

Costume designers use this technique to create strong and tough [often negative] ones and sometimes increase the drama of their appearance also due to visual “artistic” mess. The clear and static appearance of Cate Blanchett, in this case, approaches the rebel archetype, especially if the impression is supported by the appropriate elements - makeup and clothing:

concept of personal style

I confess that if I had not watched the style of Cate Blanchett, I could hardly have imagined such an option for the development of her style.

Cate Blanchett 's harmonious and attractive female image

And yet, the most spectacular beautiful aristocratic celestial goddess Cate Blanchett looks with her blond hair. It is when its bright spring color comes into play (combined with a smooth texture) that aristocracy and sophistication take on shape.

For comparison, the same face framed by moderately dark hair and without “special effects” looks both more simple, earthy, ordinary.

In the Kibby system, I would attribute the type of Cate Blanchet to “Natural” (although in its appearance there is drama - high growth, large features - but it, in my opinion, is not primary). Plus, this type is correctly attributed to the aristocratic, refined countryside, and for maximum effect, it requires a corresponding exquisite [suburban] design.

A separate issue in the context of this type is the creation of feminine images. And the answer rests on what type of femininity is characteristic of such an appearance.

Given such a pronounced “yang” charge, we are not talking about sensual sexuality (typical for the Esthetic archetype), nor about tender romantic femininity (typical for the Innocent archetype).

Images based on these qualities are not harmonious for a stable “yang” -type and visually contrast with natural data, with a “charge” of appearance.

This technique is used by costume designers, but its result is questionable in real life if your goal is a harmonious and attractive female image.

It seems more logical to me to make a decision to bet on qualities that are naturally characteristic of this type - to create images based on confidence, assertiveness, even strength. The result is femininity no more impregnable, but aristocratic, regal (again, in the style of the archetype Ruler). This is the root of the appeal of this type - she is not in sex but in impregnability, regality, power. concept of personal style

And this is in contrast to naive romance or sensual temptation - directions that, in my opinion, are alien to this type. * For clarity, compare the following images - which of them seems more attractive and harmonious to you?

Nevertheless, the most interesting thing is how, with a static, smooth, "marble" appearance of a woman in the Armani style, Cate Blanchett fearlessly uses bright, dynamic, ironic images, even with a clear bias in "buffoonery." And how cool many of them look on her!

Of course, this is largely due to the filing that such an actress can create. But there is also a “technical" merit.

Firstly, the overall physical harmony plays its role. A larger / wider / stronger figure in such outfits will look bulky and heavy in such Narda, leaving no place for irony. But with physical harmony, the static character of large features does not seem heavy, but visually balances the brightness and dynamics of the image.

Plus, as I have already mentioned, there is some drama in this look (high growth, large features), which also allows harmony.

Well, the second secret is in choosing the [right] outfits themselves. Successful are those images where the brightness and dynamics of the print are balanced by simplicity, clarity and even the severity of the silhouette. This creates a visual balance of the outfit itself, keeping it, sometimes literally one step away, from the "too" effect.

And although after the analysis everything may seem logical, I confess that if I had not watched the style of Cate Blanchett, I could hardly have imagined such an option for the development of her style.

And this is probably the most useful lesson - work on the style must necessarily include experimentation, going beyond the rules. Even if typing systems with their rules really help to avoid annoying mistakes, many have exceptions. And sometimes very successful!

That's all for today, however ...

If you are ripe and want to start the new year with work on your effective image, define your “anchors” for the development of the concept of personal style, then I invite you to go on this stylish journey with me in one of the following


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