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Top 8 Cleansers: 8 Best cleansers

by zhang 2 months ago in skincare
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So today, I will give you the fairies a summary of the best 8 cleansers to use, to see if there are fairies are using ~

So today, I will give you the fairies a summary of the best 8 cleansers to use, to see if there are fairies are using ~

Sk2 amino acid cleansing

Reference price: 460 yuan /120g

Sk2 amino acid is an amino acid clean face cleansing, also adopted the main components of the fairy water PITERA, cooperate with high hydrolysis linseed extract and moisturizing ingredients, so Sk2 amino acid after facial cleaning, use can not only mild clean facial skin of dirt and grease, also can effectively regulate the water oil balance of facial skin, remove the facial skin is rough. Let the fairy skin in the clean at the same time, also can keep the water smooth.

Sk2 amino acid cleanser is white cream texture after extruding, adding a small amount of water can be rubbed and foaming, although it is amino acid cleanser, but the foam is also very commanded, so after use, the cleaning strength is good, can effectively clean the dirt and excess oil of the facial skin. The most important thing is that it will not feel dry and tight after use, it is very gentle and moist, so the skin babies can directly use Sk2 amino acid cleansing as a morning cleaning yo ~

Natural philosophy in one cleanser

Reference price: 320 yuan /480ml

Natural philosophy three in one cleanser in 2017 is absolutely fire to the line, was rated by European and American magazines as the best cleanser, using mild cleaning ingredients, with 12 plant essence, set makeup removal, cleaning and nourishing in one, is every busy girl and lazy girl's ideal cleanser.

Three in one face wash milk is milky yellow emulsion texture after extrusion, add water can bubble, but the foam is not rich, so like high bubble type face fairies can use the foaming net bubble. After washing clean intensity is very good, general light makeup and sunscreen can be removed clean. And after use, it is not expensive to appear dry tight or false slippery feeling, no wonder so many fairies call it the best cleanser ~

City wild doctor pore fine cleanser

Reference price: 139 yuan /120g

In 2017, Dr. Chengo pore detailed cleanser was also recommended by various fairies to be a facial cleanser, not only cheap, but also good use effect. City wild doctor pores shrink cleanser is a soap base cleanser, and also cooperate with four Chinese prescription plant composition and triple fruit acid, collagen, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients, can not only help the fairies skin clean, also can regulate the water oil balance of skin, remove black heads, effective convergence pores, It is very suitable for oily skin or skin with blackheads and large pores.

Dr. Shikino Pore Meticulous cleanser is white cream when extruded, and it is very bubbly when added to water, so fairies only need to use a small amount at a time. City wild doctor pores after the use of delicate cleanser cleaning intensity is very good, even if the large skin can also be used. However, it is soap based cleansing, so if you do not apply skin care products after use, there may be a slight tension, so fairies should pay attention to this yo ~

Elta MD amino acid Foam cleanser

Reference price: 139 yuan /207ml

Elta MD amino acid foam cleanser fairies should not strange, almost every fairy used a facial cleanser, adopted multiple amino acid cleaning ingredients, with spontaneous bubble of magical function, 30 seconds after use is very gentle, will not bring any discomfort to the skin, but also can help to clean the skin, Even sensitive skin and dry skin can be assured to use yo ~

Elta MD is amino acid after the foam cleanser out white emulsion texture, gently knead once, add a small amount of water and foam cleanser will automatically, the bubble is not very rich, but after using clean strength is good, feel very clean and the entire face is clean, but if not timely daub skin care products, also can appear a slight sense of drying. At the same time, although it is officially said that Elta MD amino acid foam cleanser can directly remove makeup, but after all, it is an amino acid cleanser, so it is not recommended to use Elta MD amino acid foam cleanser to remove makeup

Kiehl's Calendula Cleansing Gel

Reference price: 280 yuan /230ml

Fairies used to know Kiehl's Marigold Water only, but in 2017, Kiehl's Marigold Cleansing Gel is also on fire. Secco YanShi marigold clear used the amino acid composition of cleansing, cleansing gel with calendula and the composition such as glycerin, can not only mild to remove dirt and grease on the surface of the skin, but also can effectively relieve skin, and help skin to replenish and lock in moisture, so families YanShi marigold clear use after cleansing gel is very gentle, will not cause any discomfort to skin reactions.

Kiehl's Calendula clear cleansing gel is a transparent gel texture after extrusion. After adding water, freehand foam can be foaming, and the foam is rich and delicate, so the cleaning strength is good, and the general daily needs can be met. And after the use of the skin will not appear dry feeling, more moist, so partial to the oil of the skin of the baby can be directly used as a morning clean yo ~

Thai Q10 Milk facial cleanser

Reference price: 35 yuan /100ml

Thailand Q10 milk cleanser is about 2017 the most parity of a popular cleanser, used the combination of amino acids and soap ingredients, but also cooperate with the milk protein and coenzyme Q10 and other ingredients, can not only help remove the fairies facial skin dirt, still can supply water required for facial skin, brighten the facial skin effectively at the same time, Improve facial skin dullness yo ~

Thailand Q10 milk cleanser to fairies can smell after a super thick milk fragrance, will see next white cream texture, after water is very easy to blister, bubble is also very rich and delicate, clean strength is good, can feel after using the face is very clean, but also won't appear dry tension. So oily skin babies, more recommended autumn and winter use, or as a morning clean use yo ~

Estee Lauder Pomegranate 2 in 1 facial cleanser

Reference price: 198 yuan /125ml

Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate 2 in 1 cleanser is also a very hot cleanser in 2017. It uses a combination of soap base and amino acid composition, and with red pomegranate composition and adsorption clay composition, it can be used as a cleanser, but also as a cleaning mask. Not only can help the fairies clean the skin, but also can effectively help the skin to yellow and white, so Estee Lauder Pomegranate 2 in 1 face wash is also a lot of easy baby's heart love yo ~

Estee Lauder red pomegranate two-in-one facial wash will emit a light pomegranate fragrance after extruding. The paste is white, very delicate, and can bubble by hand after adding water, and the foam is also very rich. After use, the cleaning force is very strong, you will feel the whole skin becomes very clean, and even the pores feel more breathable, so the baby with blackhead should not miss yo ~

POLA black BA cleansing

Reference price: 790 yuan /100g

POLA Black BA cleanser can be considered as a kind of lady cleanser, since Jing Tian used it in the live broadcast, it has gone viral. POLA Black BA cleanser uses soap-based detergent ingredients, with a variety of antioxidant, anti-glycation and moisturizing ingredients, not only can play a simple cleaning role, but also can effectively remove the rough facial skin, restore the facial skin delicate, smooth and full elasticity, let the fairy skin win on the starting line of skin care

POLA black BA is slightly sticky after cleansing to cream texture, after add water to knead a bubble, the bubble is very rich, daub on face after cooperate with massage, special comfortable soft, clean strength is also very good, can feel after each use of the whole face became very white and tender, there will be no general soap base cleansing dry tight yo ~


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