Top 5 Lush Products

Natural, Ethical, and Fun

Top 5 Lush Products

I have always been obsessed with Lush. Since it came into malls way back when I was a young teen, I always loved their products. Lately, as the poor university student I am, I haven't really been able to afford them. Lush is amazing, perfect for sensitive skin, for ethical sourcing and production, and unlike stuff in Bath and Body Works, it actually smells good. They're expensive, but worth it in my opinion. At least every once in awhile. And a small note: I am allergic to coconut, so none of these products will have coconut in them.

1. Charity Pot

Charity Pot

This one is by far my favorite product for Lush. This sweet smelling lotion is made with cocoa butter, olive oil, and shea butter. They have, out of all of their ingredients, five safe synthetic ingredients. If you go to their website, they have explanations of the ingredients both natural and synthetic. The best part though? They donate 100 percent to charities around the world to help them. So you can feel good inside and out with this product. This product was amazing for my skin. It feels soft, and looks healthy. I use it for my whole body, except for my face, and my skin has literally never been healthier. It sells for almost $8 for the small tub and almost $30 for the big one. It lasts a long time, because with this lotion, a little goes a long way.

2. Whoosh

This shower jelly has been my go-to since Lush began. It smells amazing, and leaves my skin feeling happy and refreshed. The blue color is always a favorite of mine, and the jelly texture is fun to play with (yes play) in the shower. This product only has four synthetic ingredients in it, while the rest are natural. It is mostly citrus, which leaves your skin vibrant and often helps with scar tissue healing. It is almost $9 for the small tub and almost $16 for the large tub. This product can last awhile as well, as long as you use it with a loofah or other scrub.

3. Big Blue

Sadly, this classic bath bomb isn't sold in stores anymore, but you can still purchase it online. I've tried many of their bath bombs, but this one is my favorite. It only has five synthetic ingredients in it, and the rest are completely natural. It makes your bath look pretty and blue, it smells like citrus and lavender. It's good for after a long day at work, or for those who have periods, a long soak to ease cramps. It's warm and leaves your skin soft and exfoliated. They sell online for $7 a bomb. It's a nice way to treat yourself after a long day. Close your eyes, listen to some music, and pretend you're on the beach.

4. Cupcake

You'll want to eat it right off your face, trust me. This product is available only in stores, as it needs to be kept cool and in the fridge. This product only has one synthetic ingredient, and that's Fragrance. Everything else is natural, including chocolate, vanilla, and mint. This mask is made really for oily skin, it cleanses your pores pretty deeply, gets rid of inflammation and redness, and cools down the skin. It's $10 a tub, and unfortunately won't last too long, as it will go bad because of its natural ingredients.

5. Vanillary

Not often do I personally use fragrance, so when this was given to me as a gift I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised, of course. This smells amazing. One small spritz around your neck is perfect. It's expensive, running at $40 for a one ounce bottle, but it can really last you forever if you plan it right. It only has four synthetic ingredients. My father, who is very sensitive to smells and his nose will stuff up at the slightest sent, can handle this perfume, and its mild sent is just enough to add to your day to smell nice and sweet.

There are so many Lush items and they all have their uses and amazing ingredients. Cruelty free, natural, ethically sourced, well paid employees, and amazing products! Treat yourself every once in awhile and enjoy it, they may be expensive, but we all deserve something fun every once in awhile.

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