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Tips For Silky, Smooth, Soft and Lengthy Hair

by Mishti Care 12 months ago in product review
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Everyone wants there hair making Silky, Smooth, Soft and Lengthy Hair. Everyone loves their hair. If the hair is long, thick, silky, then it is also necessary to improve the personality. The hair becomes dry, lifeless, begins to break.

Everyone loves their hair. If the hair is long, thick and silky, then it is also necessary to improve the personality. There is no doubt that all use different types of shampoos, conditioners and oils for their hair care. Of course, it is not evil to use all these products, but excessive use of them causes the hair to lose its shine. The hair becomes dry and lifeless and begins to break. To avoid this, some people change hair products, then some start taking medicines for hair health, but we would advise you to try home remedies. In this article of Stylecraze, we will talk about 5 such home remedies. Along with this, necessary tips will also be given to make hair soft, shiny and long. The way your skin deteriorates due to sun and dust, similarly your hair also gets damaged. The hair becomes dry and lifeless due to sun, dust and hot winds. To make hair silky and soft, you cannot go to the parlor every day. But here we are telling some such measures, with the help of which you can make your hair silky and shiny at home.

Home remedies to make hair silky and long

Massage with coconut / olive oil


  1. Two to three teaspoons of coconut or olive oil
  2. The towel

Method of use

  1. Coconut or olive oil can be taken as per your choice.
  2. Heat the oil a little lukewarm and apply it on the scalp and hair.
  3. After this, massage the scalp and hair with light hands for about 15 minutes.
  4. After massaging, squeeze the towel in hot water and cover the hair with it.
  5. After half an hour wash your hair with good shampoo and then do not forget to do conditioner.

How often to use

Try this home remedy at least twice a week.

Is thus beneficial

Massaging the scalp and hair with hot oil provides adequate nutrition to the hair follicles, which helps the hair to grow. Also, blood circulation is also better through massage. Through massage, the oils go to the depths of the hair and condition them, so that the hair looks soft and silky hair. The properties present in coconut oil prevent the lack of protein in the hair (1). At the same time, olive oil has many properties like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids (2). Both of these oils are good for hair health. Use these oils as tips to make hair long and silky.

Wash hair with beer

Beer is very good for dry and lifeless hair, and is also used as a natural conditioner. Being prepared from hops, malt and yeast, it contains many nutritious nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are very good for hair. It is one of the most effective anti-friz treatment. After washing your hair, wash it with beer and leave it for 2-3 minutes. After that, wash the hair with cold water 4-5 times to remove the smell of beer. This will make your hair bouncy and shiny.


  1. The first step is to pour the beer in a bowl and wait a couple of hours to remove the gas a of the beer.
  2. Secondly, you should to wash your hair as always. You can use your usual shampoo. In this way, your hair will be clean and ready to received the beer treatment. And it will improve its results.
  3. You can apply the beer on your hair with a scalp massage. And then you should wear a shower cap during 20 minutes, while beer treatment works.
  4. Finally you have to rinse with plenty of water. If you want to avoid the smell of beer, you can apply your usual conditioner before you finish the shower.

There are new experiments in the beauty market everyday. Among them, continuous research is being conducted on cosmetics containing chemicals as well as natural ingredients. Especially when it comes to hair growth and beauty, more experiments are done. Some of them are correct and some are misleading. One such experiment is beer shampoo. Often girls want to know if using beer actually results in better hair growth. According to the researchers, beer contains a mineral called silica. Silica is known for hair growth. It is also commonly taken as a hair and nail supplement. This makes beer one of the best ingredients that you can use to promote hair growth while improving hair health. If you are looking for an ingredient that will meet all the mineral requirements of your hair, then Beer is the jackpot.

Wash Hair with Egg


  1. A raw egg
  2. A spoonful of olive oil
  3. A spoonful of honey
  4. shower cap

Method of use

  1. Break the eggs and mix them with other ingredients.
  2. Then apply it well on scalp and hair.
  3. After applying the mixture, cover the hair with a shower cap and wait for about half an hour.
  4. After this wash the hair with shampoo and after that make conditioner as well.

How often to use

This remedy can be done once or twice a week.

Is thus beneficial

Eggs are the best source of protein and protein is needed for hair strength. In addition, eggs also contain nutrients such as sulfur, zinc, iron, iodine, and phosphorus. Peptides present in eggs can help in hair growth. Also improves hair follicles. Also, vitamins-A, E and D in the eggs stop hair fall and make them long, thick and silky. If it is said that the egg is a natural conditioner, it will not be wrong (3). Egg can be used as long and silky hair tips to make hair long and silky.

Onion juice


  1. Two onions
  2. Two to three drops of lavender oil
  3. A cotton ball

Method of use

Cut the onion juice into small pieces.

Now mix this juice in lavender oil.

3Then dip the cotton ball in this mixture and apply it to the hair roots.

4. When it is completely applied to the scalp, gently massage the scalp for about five minutes with hands.

5. After this, shampoo your hair after 15 minutes.

How often to use

It can be used every other day.

Is thus beneficial

Onion juice contains sulfur. By applying this, the scalp gets the necessary nutrients and improves the blood flow. It is effective in removing various problems associated with scalp and may help hair grow. Therefore, there is no need to think much about how to silky hair? Just use onion juice. Making hair thick, strong and long is not an easy task. Therefore, pay attention to the hair falling without delay. In this article we will give you complete information about how onion juice is beneficial for hair and how to use it.

5. Aloe Vera


1. A cup of fresh aloe vera gel

2. Two teaspoons castor oil

3. Two teaspoons fenugreek powder

4. shower cap

5. The towel

Method of use

1. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make a paste.

2. Then apply this mixture in your hair for two hours before bathing, making sure to apply this mixture well in the roots of your hair.

3. When you apply this mixture well to your hair, wear a shower cap on your head.

4. If desired, you can also wrap the towel over the head with a shower cap.

5. Then after two hours wash the hair with cold water and shampoo and apply conditioner.

How often to use

This pack can be applied once or twice a week.

Is thus beneficial

Aloe vera for hair growth can be used with castor oil. It is considered beneficial for hair. This is confirmed by an NCBI research. Research suggests that castor oil can also act as a hair conditioner, with relief from the problem of two-mouth hair and hair fall . Apart from this, it is also considered to be helpful in increasing the shine of hair . In such a situation, the benefits of aloe vera may prove more useful for hair with castor oil.

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