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Tips & Tricks on How to Get Perfect Eyeliner in 5 Easy Steps!

I’ve been doing makeup for roughly 6 years and this is something that is definitely a staple, let me help you try it out!

By Madison ElizabethPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
This is a photo of me in which think is my most prime eyebrow/eyeliner duo.

Eyeliner. Iconic. Timeless.

Can be a tricky duo for sure, especially if you are newer to makeup. You may smear it, smear it again, wipe it off and do it over and over until you’ve ran out of makeup wipes and believe me, I’ve been in that spot. I still do sometimes if I’m having a rough day.

I’ve been doing makeup for about 6 years and people who did “perfect cat eyes” were something I idolized. I wanted to be those makeup artists who could whip out 2 perfect wings with 3 strokes and under 30 seconds. So, I began.

Here are a few pictures below showing what I started with to what I have learned to do now.



This was a few years into testing it out. This and the next picture may be something you'd feel more comfortable starting out with.



A little progress...This is a standard wing. Short and sweet. This is quite easy to do and with a steady hand and lots of practice you can learn to do in no time. I'm going to guide you through what I do. Important note is this may not work for everyone! I'm going to give you a few other ways you can get a perfect wing without doing it my way.

Step One: Get a good solid black eyeliner!

I use drugstore eyeliner. You don't have to go out and buy a 30 dollar eyeliner to get that perfect wing. I use Wet & Wild's brand from Walmart that is around 3 dollars and come with a screw off cap and a little bottle in black.

*Tip* My eyeliner is a felt tip and comes in a bottle, a easier way to achieve eyeliner is using a liquid felt tip marker eyeliner. It's easier to hold and to guide when starting out.

Step Two: Draw your lines!

Firstly, if you are using an eyeliner that when you unscrew it, it comes from a bottle, wipe off the felt tip around the edges making sure you don't have too much product, if you have too much, it will smear and take longer to dry. (If you use the Wet & Wild eyeliner it dries relatively fast) You're going to want to start by drawing a line from the corner of your eye to the top of the wing going up, make this line thin and a bit thicker towards the bottle, then connect the top of the wing to your eyelid going down. Thus, creating a triangle that curves outwards and is a bit thinner towards the top. Everyone's triangles look different, I prefer my wings to be quite thin towards the top which can be a bit tricky.

*Trick* Take a makeup/baby wipe and if the top of your wing is a little thick and you want it thinner, wipe against the edge of your first line to make a sharper wing, you can use concealer and a concealer brush or Q-Tip doing this too.

Step Three: Fill in your triangle.

Dip the eyeliner back into the bottle or take the marker and fill in the triangle you just make, now you should have a triangle on the corner of your eye.

Step Four: Connect the triangle to your lid.

Take the eyeliner and connect it to your lid by making a small basic line against your lash line, then dragging it out to connect with the wing.

*Tip* When you are first starting out, start by making this thin line and then connect the wing, once you get used to making the wings you can skip this step.

Step Five: Adjust as you like!

Hooded eyes are usually a bit trickier when doing eyeliner, you'll have to adjust your eyeliner based on your personal eye shape. Some people who have smaller eyes prefer smaller wings, and I have quite large almond shaped eyes and I love bigger more intense wings. Once you start practicing and start doing better on basic wings then you can move to something more advanced and start going bolder.

This is how my wings have advanced to this year.




Sharp wings can be tricky to master and if you are still thinking "huh?" Here are a few alternative options you can do for learning how to create a cat eye.

  1. Use floss and put a little eyeliner on the floss, press the floss on the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow, creating a sharp line and connect with eyeliner.
  2. Buy a eyeliner stamp! For humans who just can't do it, they made this totally awesome thing called an eyeliner stamp. It literally stamps the cat eye on to your eye, how perfect for beginners.
  3. Buy a stencil. They also make eyeliner stencils, that you can fill in with eyeliner and follow the guide on your eye, pretty simple and quick if you are a busy person with not much time to practice.

There are 3 alternative options other than my method to getting the perfect wing but the main thing is, practice makes perfect!

I have a lot of people ask me how I got perfect wings and I tell them practice, I've been doing them shy of 5/6 years and I still mess up sometimes. But, if you continue you'll get better and master the ionic cat eye.

I hoped this helped by fellow guys/gals. Have a great day! If you loved my helpful tips, leave me a tip and let me know!

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