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There is a swish of noise

There is a swish of noise

By GLENDA DANIELPublished 12 days ago 4 min read

A neighbor? Talking about the neighbors I met when I first came to the neighborhood, I got angry. You say other people's neighbors are harmonious harmony, and a few of my neighbors say it out you don't angry against the wall!

The neighbor who loves to listen to rock

My neighbor's only hobby is to listen to rock. There is a swish of noise coming from his house at any moment, sometimes in the middle of the night. The sound shook the earth and could have flattened Mount Everest. It is no exaggeration to say that you would not be deaf if you lived next door to him!

Recently, however, the "noise" has died down, as neighbours have reported him to property control "in a fit of righteous indignation". The property management relayed the comments, and he stopped rocking out late at night. Hee hee, we can finally sleep soundly.

A neighbor who goes "Wah-wah.

You may wonder, what is "wah wah"? Originally, the neighbor is a young couple, just gave birth to a child, to the night of the child "Wah-wah" to call non-stop, noisy your ears are almost cocoon! Why do you think they make so much noise?

My mother finally lost her temper and took the matter up with the neighbor. The neighbor aunt was kind and polite to my mother, offering her seat and serving her water, and finally asking earnestly how to take care of the children. Her mother, who had been there and been kind, gave her a lot of tips on how to take care of children. It seemed to work well, and the "wah-wah" finally gradually abated.

Neighbors who live in harmony

As the saying goes, "a distant relative is not as good as a close neighbor." Soon after arriving in the community, Grandma became good friends with her mother-in-law opposite her. Often go to the farmer's market together to buy food, together to walk along the Riverside road, very happy. And I also dealt with the "wow", go to school every morning, "wow" at the door straight at me smile, but also shake hands, lovely. It is the "rock" Mr., every day humming a little tune from the side of the floating, everyone will feel a vitality of life.

What a joy it is to live in harmony among neighbors! Recalling the unpleasant things that just arrived in the community, I think it is not a big deal. When we get together from different places, it is a kind of predestination. Why bother about these trifles?

Every family has a dining table. In my opinion, it is not only a table for putting dishes, but also a platform for conveying love.

Every night at dinnertime, I look forward to it the most. Because it was not the weekend, we had breakfast in a hurry, we were in a hurry to go to school and work, my brother and I had lunch at school, mom and dad were in the work. Dinner is the only time our family can get together unhurried and happily, sitting happily around the table to eat and talk.

Was it a coincidence that my brother and I were placed in front of a bowl of scallion oil shrimp and a bowl of braised lobster at the dinner table tonight? No, it's my mother's special arrangement, because it's my brother and I's favorite dish. I saw my mother peeled off the shell of a lobster, but did not put the peeled shrimp meat into his mouth, but on my brother and I in the bowl. Eating my mother peeled shrimp meat, my heart is warm, think this is the world's most beautiful delicious! My brother and I happily told the story of a day happened in the school, the class of fun, mom and dad listened carefully, from time to time a knowing laugh.

After dinner, my brother and I often do our homework on the table. Therefore, the table in my home is also my desk and my brother's desk. Once, the power went out suddenly at home, but there were no candles, my father in order to let us finish our homework, he held a flashlight for us to light. In order not to let my father suffer, my brother and I simultaneously accelerated the speed of writing homework, suddenly the light flashed, I could not help but look up, the original is my father changed a hand. Looking at my father's slightly vibrating arm, my heart suddenly shocked, I deeply realized my father's love for us.

After a while, my mother came over, took a flashlight in my father's hands, said to my father: "You go to rest for a while, I will lift." In the mother that sounds like flat tone, contains the deep concern for dad.

Love is flowing, flowing on this unremarkable table.


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