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The Secret of the Heart: how the Heart creates an electromagnetic Field

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 7 min read

The mind is the balance of "internal and external forces" in everyone. In your heart, the wisdom from the universe can be in harmony with your own will.

The heart is your connection to the universe, and it unites your unique center of experience, awareness, and qualities with a combination that is beyond your understanding.

The heart is also our starting point, from which we extend outward into life, and then through it, we maintain eternal continuity.


The heart is the channel to transcendent existence.

All dimensions of life are focused through our "lens of the heart". More importantly, our heart provides a private temple whose integrity trumps all individual parts.

The heart is not only the unique center of our personal lives.

It can also exist in areas beyond the individual.

We often use the words "the heart of the city, the heart of the country, the heart of thought, and even the heart of the universe". At this time, we use the heart as a symbol to describe a certain characteristic of a collective.

We do this because we deeply feel that "the power that does not involve the heart is not enough to give us the power of life, nor can it give meaning to our desires." "

The heart is mysterious and seemingly contradictory. It is not only the center of life, but also the channel to higher purpose and transcendental existence.


"Heart" is the main center of human wisdom.

Today's scientific research has even revealed that the earliest embryonic cells of human beings are indeed "heart cells". Obviously, these "heart cells" are like primitive wisdom, directing the initial growth pattern of the fetus.

I am glad to read a recent paper by scholar and scientist Hilden Pierce (Chilton Pierce). He combined several fields of research and confirmed that the "heart" is the main center of human wisdom.

In addition, Pierce points out very clearly how the "heart" creates an electromagnetic field-an electromagnetic field that stretches about 8 feet 12 feet around the body. This electromagnetic field is vibrational and holographic, which means that it can be connected from any point in the body, no matter how small it is.

Hilden Pierce's research also points out that this "magnetic field of the heart" is equipped with a complete "radio magnetic spectrum" from which the mind draws materials to create our inner experience of the external world.


Affirm the power of the heart and let life bloom.

At that point, there is no difference in element, time, space, or situation. This is a "zero" that will be known before one is born, at the moment of death, and when one's will has been perfectly reconciled with the universe.

A man can always be connected with the Creator in this sacred place, no matter how far he is lost in the course of life. At this point of true simplicity, you can begin to communicate perfectly with the Creator. Whenever you communicate with the Creator, your life will be renewed or even transformed.

The "heart" is a magnetic vortex through which all blessings of nature and potential are received, integrated, and invested in life. Through the laws of electromagnetism, this force is transformed into life energy.

The "heart" is inherently magnetic, attractive and receptive, and works best through naive awareness. The act of criticism, disagreement and exclusion, will quietly turn your back on you and close the door of your heart.

If you want to make your heart strong, you must first learn to perceive it with innocence, acceptance, and forgiveness. When you strengthen the power of the heart, it will be open to you.

At first, you may simply notice that this changes to being more enthusiastic about life, sleeping more soundly, or having better digestion.

The "heart" is at the core of your health and quality of life; so these things will be settled first. However, as you become more and more sure of the "heart", your life will begin to have more fruitful fruit, and you will have the necessary energy to make more dramatic changes.

In the end, what you get from your visit to the heart will be better than your best dreams. There will be many levels of energy that will bring about transformation and change.


The essence of the mind: the perfection and balance of comprehensiveness

Because of the unity of spirituality, our universe is seamlessly connected. There is a common "heart" in this spirituality, feeling and knowing the correctness of all things, and maintaining balance and healing in a way that is beyond the understanding of ordinary people.

This divine center of all things responds to the cause and effect of "love" rather than "effort". So, one person may give to this person and receive from another person--

He may work hard in the factory and be rewarded by the love of his children.

He may selflessly devote his time to protecting nature and be rewarded in the teachings of life.

He may visit the patient, but his self-pity is healed.

He may forgive this person and be forgiven by another.

This is a causal plane that cannot be manipulated in a selfish way, because it can only be activated through the nature of everyone's love. When you express the nature of your love, there will be infinite blessings in front of you.

The heart is magnetic, silent and motionless.

In your heart, you will also find clarity, decisiveness, firmness, intention, calm, respect, justice, kindness, and a sense of greatness.


Connect the heart through love

The heart is a magnetic center and the operating system of the soul. The connection is through our "heart", the power of the heart is driven by "love", the healing energy is guided by the heart, and Thanksgiving receives the flow rising from the heart. guide people to drive away "fear" from the spiritual level.

Nourish your heart, guided by the heart, and the healing energy of love will flow naturally in everyone.

Life is more than that, a better you are changing.

When presence becomes conscious, peace is bound to come.

A moment of love can erase all the hatred a person holds in his heart forever.

When the memory of love appears, there will be healing in the moment. A positive shift will occur suddenly, and personal transformation will take place.


The joy of the soul: from experience to expression

If you compare the soul to the OS of a computer, the body is the hardware of the computer. Reincarnation, each time you enter a new life school, the uniform of the body can be changed, changing different bodies, costumes and vehicles, but the software (OS) will be poured back into the new hardware (body). Once the software has a virus that has not been cleaned (purified), it will be infected (impurities) and will "occur in a timely manner" once it is downloaded and installed again.

This is the main reason why people make mistakes over and over again. Because people have interference mechanisms hidden in the subconscious.

Your life is an authentic classroom, if you do not learn your lessons well, it is impossible to experience your inner truth.

The saying that life is just an experience is not wrong in itself. in fact, it is impossible not to feel or experience in the state of human existence. However, in addition to feelings and experience, there is another better "view" of life-through the expansion of consciousness, internal development, stimulate your soul and begin to seek free expression.

Many descriptions of the body and soul do not fully explain their important relationship with each other, or their struggle in the process of "unity", so that the body often wants peace, serenity, and protection.

Compared with passive experience, active expression is risky and is often misunderstood, disdained and ridiculed.

Without the stimulating power of soul and love, the body will seek a life with the least resistance. The main fault of the body is related to resistance to change; the body would rather choose comfort and convenience. The body is not a risk taker! By contrast, the fault o


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