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The Retinol Regimen: Transforming Your Skin, One Application at a Time

Your path to timeless beauty

By Abeer AbbasPublished 16 days ago 3 min read

number one start slow, slow and steady wins the race with skincare, guys I'm telling you this, this is like should be right here you're not this is not surgery, this is not going into the operating room getting a vertical restore coming out you know two weeks later and looking 20 years younger, this is a slow steady more or less like a lifestyle type of a of a concept, but these actives are working they're working slowly chipping away and preventing skin aging but also restoring skin aging as well, so here's the deal most times if you go out and buy a a retinol cream or a retinol drop or whatever the situation is there are some things that that happen to the skin one typically is that there's this reaction that occurs and a lot of times people take that reaction as like oh I can't use retinols anymore because my Skin's got red. it's gotten fired up, and it just looks terrible, and they throw it away, this has been the story forever, I mean this has been the number one reason why a hundred percent of people are not on retinols, but here are some ways around it so do go slow use low concentrations, honestly the lower concentration the better to begin with if your skin is still having issue with It Go twice a week then go three times a week every other day Etc, then after two three weeks then go to every day, the goal is to get to using this every day, although some people say five times a week is enough I say use it every day if you can get to that point you should, but really it helps a lot by going low concentration now, here's where one of the interesting things to know , that you get benefits from even low concentrations as long as it's being used regularly. so when we developed the trifecta illuminate I decided you know because whenever I went up to a higher concentration I got the same problems that people had so we decreased the concentrations nice and low and then what ended up happening is people can use it regularly.

it had to be used at night and the reason is that retinols are light sensitive so putting it on right before you go out is not necessarily a great thing if light exposure can deactivate it, and then the other aspect of it is sun in itself can make the skin sensitive to the retinol. those effects that we're talking about can be exacerbated if you're getting a lot of sun on it so definitely, I would say generally using retinol at night is safer and easier on the skin.

number three do use it with moisturizer retinol has a drying effect generally speaking and using it with a hyaluronic acid type of a moisturizer that draws fluid and helps moisturize the skin is very important, for example there's been some you know considerations theories that like use it as a retinol sound which basically it's like a moisturizer let it on for five or ten minutes then use a retinol then use a moisturizer again so you're getting like lots of moisture to the skin and the retinol can be more tolerated.

number four do use it with sun protection if you're serious about skin and you're serious about anti-aging you got to take care of your sun protection, because there's really no point in doing any of this if you're not protecting your skin from the sun, because the Sun is going to accelerate skin aging faster then you're going to gain the changes from all the things that you're doing.


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I am a doctor with plenty of luck, and I love of science and beauty.

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