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The most correct way to remove makeup for lazy people

Steps to remove makeup properly for beginners

By Tang TonreyPublished 8 months ago 4 min read
The most correct way to remove makeup for lazy people
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Remove makeup is a very important step before our skincare, cosmetics residue will have a lot of damage to the skin, long-term makeup removal is not clean will lead to many skin problems, the correct way to remove makeup is very important, then we will look at the following steps to remove makeup correctly for beginners, the most correct way to remove makeup for lazy people.

Do you know how to remove makeup properly for beginners?

The correct steps to remove makeup for beginners

Step1: When removing makeup, choose a suitable for your skin to remove the wash gel, both to help remove makeup can also help clean, a one-step method is the most convenient.

Step2: To prevent skin allergies from occurring when removing makeup, you can first apply some trial on the injury. If there is no problem, start applying it on the location where you have rubbed BB cream and painted your makeup.

Step3: After evenly applied, use a hot towel on your face for about 10-15 seconds or so, then wipe off with a towel. Almost only a step-in-place makeup remover is very convenient oh, very practical for beginners MM.

The most correct way to remove makeup for lazy people

Step1: First take out some cotton pads, dip them in some makeup remover water and wipe them on the eyelashes so that the false eyelashes can be easily wiped down. Because the makeup itself is not too thick, it can be easily removed while wiping.

Step2: To keep the skin from being harmed, it is best to pour it on the back of your hand to test it out, and if there is no irritation, then proceed with the eye makeup removal, and use a cotton pad to gently press it to wipe off the makeup directly and easily.

Step3: Of course, the nose and cheeks part of the makeup can not be forgotten, these parts are also very important places to remove makeup, some residual foundation and easier to oil places can not be spared, gently wipe over, and some subtle places can also be easily removed.

Makeup remover classification

The following is a specific analysis of the commonly used makeup remover products ~

Makeup remover oil

Makeup remover strength: ☆☆☆☆☆

Suitable for the crowd: often thick makeup girls

Suitable skin type: dry and mixed dry skin

Advantages: the best makeup removal effect

Disadvantages: will have a greasy feeling, easy to clog pores

The oil is oil-soluble and has a particularly good effect on removing waterproof makeup, which is relatively mild, but the downside is that it is greasy and not easy to clean. If your daily makeup is lighter, for the sake of your skin, you'd better choose other makeup remover products.

Makeup remover usage: Step 1: Wash your hands. After a busy day, our hands and face carry a lot of bacteria and dirt, so before washing your face, wash your hands first.

Step 2: Then pour makeup remover oil on the palm of your hand and apply it evenly all over your face. Then keep massaging with the palm of your hand until the makeup floats out. Be sure to pay attention to the bottom up, otherwise you will push the stain into the pores. The chin, nose, and other areas that are easy to ignore should also be carefully rubbed.

Makeup remover cream

Makeup remover strength: ☆☆☆☆

Suitable for people: fatigue skin and often makeup girls

Suitable skin: oily skin, combination skin

Advantages: thick texture, relatively small amount, better makeup removal strength.

Disadvantages: cleaning and erasing are more troublesome

Most makeup remover creams have a much better cleaning ability than makeup remover milk, but are not as greasy as makeup remover oil ~ the texture is creamy, and after massaging on the face will be transformed into a water-oil mixture, which can dissolve the base makeup and makeup. The cleaning strength is also possible, but the makeup remover cream in the box to take the trouble, do not for the convenience of direct hand pick Oh, this is not sanitary.

Makeup remover principle

makeup remover is to remove the meaning of makeup, makeup removal principle is the principle of cleaning.

1. Oil dissolves oil (similar to the principle of compatibility)

Oil can be dissolved in its chemical structure of similar components (also the main components of makeup), that is, the use of oil to dissolve makeup, and then clean off the oil can be. The most common makeup remover oil is a combination of grease + emulsifier, grease used to dissolve makeup, an emulsifier used to fuse grease with water, to dissolve the dirty grease, wash off with water ~

2. Surfactants

Surfactants are the basic raw materials of the cosmetic industry, as surfactants have the dual characteristics of hydrophilic and lipophilic, and can achieve the purpose of cleaning, like the sauce

In terms of cleansing power of makeup ----- oil dissolves oil > surfactant

In terms of lightness to the skin ---- makeup remover > makeup remover > makeup remover oil

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