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The more planned a person is, the more he can adapt to change!

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By danielkmay jhPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

On the Internet, you can often see the daily life plans of a big entrepreneur, a big star, and a leader. When and what to do, you will see that the plans of these people are very clear. These people with strong abilities still need a clear plan, which shows that it is good to have a plan. However, many ordinary people do not have a life plan. They often say that instead of taking things step by step, it is better to let nature take its course. Plans that fail to keep up with changes are often useless and do not make plans at all. This is obviously wrong.

It is certainly right that the plan cannot keep up with the change, not only in terms of life, but also in terms of our destiny. People usually have a destiny plan before they come to this world. However, this fate plan is often so disrupted that the original plan cannot be seen. That's why the plan can't keep up with the change. A plan is a fixed number and a change is a variable. Fixed number + variable = innumerable. The truth, there are countless possibilities.

Although the plan can't keep up with the change, it doesn't mean we won't make a plan. On the contrary, we should constantly practice our planning ability so that the plan can gradually catch up with the change. The more objective the plan, the less the change; the more fixed number, the less variable; the stronger the fixed force, the less uncontrollable force. The plan is subjective and the change is objective. The more your subjective behavior is in line with the objective law, the smoother you will be.

The ability to plan, the ability to adapt to change, and the ability to let nature take its course are the same. The ability to plan is not enough, and the ability of the other two is certainly not enough. The more planned a person is, the more he can adapt to change. If 90% of your life is within your plan and within your expectations, then the remaining 10% of the variables are of course acceptable to you. But if only 10% of your life is planned, 90% is unplanned, and 90% is accidental, can you let nature take its course? if you can't, you will only have a lot of fear of the unknown.

Living a planned and purposeful life is what ordinary people say. what do spiritual practitioners say? they will say, live consciously. What kind of life you want, you should always maintain such a consciousness, at any time, in any thing or phenomenon, in any state of mind, emotion and thinking, do not forget this consciousness, this is also called the original mind. Of course, this is also the embodiment of concentration and concentration.

People who do not make plans, people who do not have clear goals, they say let nature take its course, generally drift with the tide, have been affected all the time, and have no initiative in their own lives and lives. Successful achievers do not seem to need goals, but they are really natural but not necessarily. They may have higher and more ambitious goals, but they just can't be seen. There must be a consciousness and a free will in life. "if you don't aim high, you can't win a university."

Of course, to make a plan, to make up your mind, to have a clear goal and to live a conscious life is not just to make a schedule, but to be clear in your heart and mind first. People who are not clear, people who are not sober, no matter how to make a schedule, it may not work well. This is delirious. Confused, prone to confusion, drowsiness and loss. Clear, clear, sober, is lucid. In the article "where there is a will, there is a way, where there is a will, there is a way, and with the help of the natural laws of March of Spring, we can set up a clear and powerful wish" in great detail in the article "how to make myself conscious and have a clear consciousness and goal."

In response to a reader's question, I said: learn to live a planned life. For example, if you don't want to get pregnant, you have to have a plan, and if you want to get pregnant, you have to have a plan. If you don't want to, it doesn't matter, then you have to accept all the changes and accept everything with peace of mind. But most people can't do this, they don't have such a strong ability to adapt, so they have to learn to plan. Make plans according to the actual situation. The better a person is at planning, the more likely he is to adapt to change. The significance of this pregnancy is to let you learn to live a planned and conscious life. Live consciously the way you want.

Where there is a will, there is a way. With the help of the natural laws of Spring and March, we can make a clear and powerful wish.

The more powerful your decision is, the easier it is to make the right decision!

The easier it is, the happier you are, the more you can get!

People with sweet saliva are all kind people!


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