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The moral Sutra reveals the core truth of spiritual life!

by danielkmay jh 2 months ago in body
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The body's mind

Laozi said in the moral Sutra: "I have a great trouble, for I have a body."

There is a saying in Buddhism: "the human body is rare, just like in the sea, a blind turtle meets a floating hole."

As Laozi said, "I have a big problem, because I have a body." Just want to tell us that the heart is fundamental, eyes, ears, nose, tongue body mind to see, hear, feel all the external feelings and images need not be persistent, that is just your inner and external projection, just know.

Man is a rainbow and a beautiful life form. if you are quiet enough, you can feel the aura emitted from your whole body is very charming, which is why you feel comfortable with the enlightened one.

The first layer of body, flesh body (red)

The soul and the body are one, and the soul cooperates with each other through the body to complete the mission of this life and sublimate the purity of its own soul, so as to unite with the universe and enter the Noumenon world.

To be kind to your body is to touch your soul.

The human body is a small universe, and the universe is a big human body. The soul receives signals from the universe through the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, thus linking high-dimensional wisdom to connect with the original world all the time, so that it does not lose itself.

But in the era of the end of Dharma, countless souls have been gradually lost under the traction of desire. When you are in trouble, entanglement, pain, and confusion, it is the soul that is shouting.

When desire constantly strikes the soul and consumes spiritual life, you block the exchange of state and information with the universe as a whole.

Such a state is the opposite of what Laozi said, "open its exchange, save its affairs, and do not save it for life", which means to open the channel, indulge too much, and be hopeless for life.

In what state can the human body reach such a receiving state, which is what Laozi called "plug its exchange, close its door, and do not work hard for life", that is, block greed, turn off interference, and have no worries for life. And why some people can not receive it is because human beings are often restricted by excessive desires, so it blocks the state and information exchange between us and the universe as a whole.

The magical invisible connection between man and nature is gradually confirmed with the development of science: for example, with the development of technology, we find that there are more and more things in the invisible connection between man and nature, such as all kinds of rays, such as radio waves, such as antimatter. Since they were discovered, scientists have gradually carried out extensive practice and application in the fields of television, radio, communication, Internet and so on. Of course, these airwaves are man-made, and there are a lot of intangible material and energy information in nature. We must be in a state of serenity and no desire, that is, we can only receive it in the state of "peace and justice".

So what is the "godmother" state? as Laozi's "moral Sutra" chapter 20, "self-liberation" tells us: "everyone has more than one thing, but I am stubborn and mean, I am different from others, and you eat your mother."

What does "expensive food mother" mean? the human body is an ancient body, and the human body is the body of Mother Nature, so there is also a software system in the human body that can get nutrition directly from nature. Therefore, we can say that only when we know that we are the children of nature, only when we know how to respect Mother Nature, protect Mother Nature, and protect our bodies, which belong to the people all over the world, can we say "godmother" and "eat mother". This is in line with the thought of "the unity of man and nature" in Chinese traditional culture.


Most people only know that Laozi's meditation of "plug its exchange and close its door" is to practice the inner spirit. Do you not know that the more advanced material and energy information in the universe can only be obtained from the "godmother"?

Our body is not our body, our body is integrated with the universe, heaven and earth, only to cultivate the inner spirit of our own individual, there are limitations; only to cultivate the inner spirit of our own individual, we do not put ourselves in the whole of the road, we do not put ourselves in the whole of social harmony, we do not put ourselves in the whole of serving the public, so it is difficult to realize the road. As Buddhism says, the only way to practice individual serenity is to lock yourself up in my own small house, which can cultivate one's own integrity, but not "oneness with the outside world." only by making a vow to serve a harmonious society and serve the public is the Mahayana way, and only then can we truly realize the road of enlightenment.


With regard to the internal revision method of "plug its exchange, close its door", why should we emphasize "plug its exchange and close its door"?

"plug it and close its door" is also a method of meditation. Our bodies also need meditation. While we are busy with our work, we should also pay attention to relaxation in all systems and organs of our bodies. It's like a glass of turbid water. After a while, it will automatically clear up. In the meditation state of "plugging it and closing its door", people will slowly unload all the pressure load in the journey of life, the functions of various systems and organs of the human body will also be slowly restored, and some rubbish of the human body will also be cleaned up. Then through various forms of excretion (sweating, excretion, etc.), so as to ensure the health of the human body.


Sleep also has the effect of "blocking its exchange, closing its door, and not working hard all one's life", so why meditate?

Through the meditation process of "plugging its exchange and closing its door", a person can communicate with his natural mother, sublimate his quality of life, and promote the harmony and smoothness of qi and blood in the body. By letting go of selfishness and greed, not being drawn by selfishness and greed, knowing that letting go becomes a blessed land, knowing that liberation is a new life, and knowing that mental ascension is to accept the blessings of cosmic wisdom in a higher space, one can gradually achieve the innate state of the unity of man and nature in his body and mind.


Just as Laozi told us in the 45th chapter of the Book of morality, that is, "peace is the justice of the world."

How to make good use of one's own life? Laozi tells us, that is, "plug its exchange, close its door, and do not work hard for life." There are all kinds of treasures in our human body, and there are all kinds of buttons in the human body to connect the high-energy space of the universe. if we just open the fame and wealth status of the outside world, eat, drink and play, and you "turn on it", then you will have no chance of a complete life, and you will leave the beautiful earth with confusion, fear and pain at the last moment of your life.

The Book of morality says, "when you see the small, you are bright, but you are strong when you are gentle." With its light, return to its light, there is no death ng, is the attack (x í) often. "

Life is just a small dry battery in the long river of the universe. sometimes we don't charge much, but we consume it very quickly, so life dries up in a few decades, gets sick and gets old.

When our body enters meditation, when our senses are not affected by desire, when our body and mind reach a high level of balance, the innate energy in the body will be activated, and the clear qi will rise, and the turbid qi will naturally fall and discharge. At this time, what we can feel most is the softness of the body, refreshing spirit, and even a variety of magical and incredible realms, so Laozi said, "gentleness is strong."

When a person's lust and greed ceases, when we are physically and mentally United, the


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