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The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer...

Is It Really Worth the Price?

By SotiraPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

If anyone can justify a big spend, I can. I will convince myself I need it, even if that is far from the truth.

Do you want to hear my justification for spending £300/$400 on a hairdryer? Here goes; I’ve spent that amount on crap hairdryers and they were eventually thrown out. That makes this one an investment right? I mean I wasn’t wrong. I didn’t need it but do not regret the purchase, here’s why.

For the record I have 2c/3a curly hair. I've recently had it colured and cut. Admittidly I did cut it myself and also added bangs, who does that? I wouldn't recommend trying that at home. Back to the dryer...

The Dyson lingo

Dyson award-winning products claim to have the latest technology. They often use a lot of engineering lingo; lingo that frankly, I don’t understand nor do I want to. I want a reliable product that is better than the rest on the market, especially for that kind of moolah.

This may be the part where I lose some readers. Remember I have curly hair i.e. I only use the diffuser head and never any of the other attachments that came with it. With 3 speed settings, 4 heat, and a cold blast button, it’s pretty easy to use. The design is sleek, a little weighty but you do get used to it.

These are two features I find weirdly satisfying. One is the magnetic head attachments that snap into place. The second is the abrupt stop to the motor you hear when you switch it off. Moving on…


Here’s the good part, the performance. The point of diffusing is for the air to be evenly distributed without moving your hair around too much. The aim is not to disturb the curl pattern as it dries. I find this does exactly that, controlled and foolproof.

What ranks this above any other hair dryer I’ve ever used is the drying time. In the past, I’ve often spent an hour drying my hair, especially in the winter. I timed the Dyson and it took me exactly 9 minutes to dry my mid-length hair each time. Time is a precious right, so to have 123 minutes of my week back is kind of priceless (lol).

The final question is, does this give me better results than other, cheaper hair dryers. My answer is no I’m afraid. Give or take there’s less frizz but that can be eliminated with styling products. Like every curly girl I know, each wash day gives you slightly different results. Dyson doesn’t have the power to change this.


In conclusion, I do think it’s worth the splurge, based on the time gained back. Most of all, the feeling that I have a solid product that won’t break anytime soon. Hold on a minute! After writing this I did exactly that. OK, that's a little dramatic. But there's definitely a fault that Dyson has admitted to me. There's a delay every time I switch it on. The lights come on but the motor doesn't ouch.

Dyson has offered me a replacement, which would be great if there were ANY in stock. I now have to wait for ONE to become available, to be able to get my replacement.

Despite all of the above, I do still think it's worth it. I get the best results and it saves me time.

I do have one other pet peeve which is, Dyson, has the decency to throw in a case. Mine lives in a tote bag because I’m too stingy to buy a case, the irony.


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Beauty Product Developer, curly girl, and professional matcha drinker. I write about all of the above, helping you to find the best products on the market.

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