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The Causes Of Dry Skin

by Jones Cain 7 months ago in skincare
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Do You Have Dry Skin?

The Causes Of Dry Skin
Photo by Fleur Kaan on Unsplash

In winter, the skin often suffers, it becomes dry and unpleasant to the touch, loses its elasticity, peels, reddens, tightens, and even itches.

All this indicates that the skin has lost its moisture and is dehydrated. It should be noted that any skin type can be dehydrated, both oily and dry skin, combination or normal.

But let's start over. There are four types of skin: oily, dry, combination, and normal. The type of skin depends on the properties of its hydrolipidic layer, which is made up of secretions from the sweat and sebaceous glands. The more abundant the secretions, the more oily the skin, and the lower the secretions - the drier the skin.

The secretions may be unevenly distributed on the face - being more pronounced in the forehead and nose, as in the case of combination skin. At the same time, the level of secretions can be within the limits of the norm.

Note that all four skin types may be dehydrated. Even oily skin can lose moisture, for example as a result of aggressive acne treatment.

Oily but dehydrated skin can flake off, but that doesn't mean it has become dry, it has simply lost its moisture, but the quality of the hydrolipid layer has remained the same. If you used to have oily skin, but not dehydrated, now you have oily skin, but dehydrated, but not dry at all.

Therefore, dry skin is a type of skin, and dehydration is a temporary condition. Dry skin is deficient in fats and nutrients, and dehydrated skin is deficient in moisture. Any skin type can be dehydrated.

Signs of dehydrated skin:

  • after washing you have a feeling of stretched skin, the care preparations do not solve the situation and you want to apply a cream as soon as possible,
  • some areas of the skin turn red, itchy like after a long walk in winter,
  • the skin becomes rough, scaly islets appear on the cheekbones, around the mouth, and on the chin,
  • the skin turns gray, loses its healthy tone, tone, and elasticity,
  • on oily skin, the pores become more visible, it peels even if you have oily skin type.

We reiterate: dehydration is a temporary condition, caused by the impact of certain factors, both external and internal.

Causes of moisture loss:

  • beginning of the heating season or use of the air conditioner in heating mode,
  • administration of antibiotics, diuretics or laxatives,
  • excess ultraviolet light, especially after solar in winter,
  • the desire to reduce the effects of oily skin with the help of serum, by deep cleansing or with alcohol-containing preparations,
  • insufficient fluid intake,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • age-related changes (with age the skin loses moisture) and reduced hyaluronic acid synthesis, which regulates tissue balance.

By the way, you should be concerned if you are constantly exposed to these factors. It is possible to have normal skin, but which is strongly exposed to harmful factors, but not sensitive skin, as you would think.

In the case of oily skin, moisture is most often lost as a result of active use of degreasing lotions and tonics, matte creams, alkaline foams and gels, and alcohol-based cosmetics.

In people with dry skin, dehydration occurs with the arrival of frost and the warming season.

How to resolve the situation:

Buy a humidifier for the bedroom, so you will maintain the proper level of air humidity, your skin and mucous membranes will be grateful. Apply a moisturizer at night, it will maintain the water balance of the skin throughout the night and will prevent moisture loss (look for hyaluronic acid, glycerin, propylene glycol, and seaweed extracts on the label),

Apply a nourishing cream during the day, it will protect the skin from excessive drying as well as from the frost outside.

Drink the daily norm of water, give up spicy and salty food, fast food, and alcohol.

People with dry and sensitive skin should give up washing with water and cleanse their face with micellar and tonic water.

Include in daily care procedures a light peel or a tonic with ANA acids in low concentration, it will help you remove dead cells, and the preparations will penetrate faster and deeper into the skin,

Dispose of alcohol-containing preparations and alkaline foams for washing until the warm season - give preference to moisturizing tonic and gentle washing preparations,

Use a serum or emulsion under the cream, their light composition quickly transports moisture into the deep layers of the skin and serves as transport agents for the active components of the cream.

Now you know that dry skin is low in fat, and dry skin is dehydrated. Actively moisturizes the skin regardless of its type


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