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by Sarah fashion 7 months ago in how to
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how to look younger at 30

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

We all want to look good in our outfits in any place, especially at work or at parties or school. That helps us very well to make people like us and make friends and relationships with anyone else.

Research shows that people who take care of their outfits are more likely than others and people naturally Stay away from the person who does not care about his appearance.

For that, taking care of yourself is very important because if you look older than your age that means you don't choose the right outfits and the right makeup and the right hairstyle.

Because of that I will give you the best tips and tricks to make you know about how to stay looking younger at 30 and how to look younger in your 30s and the best method to make you know how to dress younger at 30 and how to look younger at 30 naturally.

Because I look younger than my age I want to give you the secrets to looking younger, with a very easy method.

how to look 20 years younger in 30 days:

If you Looking old at 30, that is for many reasons :

You don't take care of your skin

You don't take care of your body

You don't drink water

You not sleeping well

You don't eat healthy foods.

The best secret to look younger is to drink water after any meals and sleep well. You will tell me that I look younger because it's hereditary. No, not all people look younger because it's hereditary . A few of them, not all.

All my sisters look older than their ages but I look younger.

Take care of your body. That means practicing sports is very important to look younger and beautiful doing sports in just 20 minutes.

Eating healthy foods like meat and fruits is very help you to look younger and you need to stay away from sugar because eat a lot of sugar will make wrinkles Appear fast, and the best and most important thing you need to look younger is the skin you need to take care of your skin and to do that you must:

Wash your skin 2 times in the days and using maske good for your skin use mask every one week shoose make good for skin type, use moisturizer especially on the night after wash your skin you can use toner on your face is very good for your skin but is not very important but if your skin type oily you need to use it after that use the moisturizer.

how to dress younger at 30:

The secret to look younger when you wear anything is to make sure that one piece of your clothes is trendy like trendy jeans or dresses or shirts.

Not just like that you need to:

Wear casual look: the casual look is make you look younger than you are very much like sneakers or jeans or jacket jeans or lather is very trendy like jacket lather or any thing lather is make you younger don't wear the classy look because it's make you older make sure to mix the classy look with the casual look to make you more younger.

The colors: you need to get away from black don't wear Everything black because is make you look older, and get away from to wear all clothes color pastel you need to mix with the dark color with the pastel color because this is will make you younger than your age, and the best way to look younger two is to wear the dresses or any thing has a print is give you more energy and make you look younger.

how to look younger in your 30s with makeup:

Makeup you must to use to looking beautiful and younger to is the Korean makeup, because the eyebrow and the eyeliner like Korean women make you younger than your age and, I use the Korean eyebrows because my face shape is tal and that's makeup help you How to look 30, and How to look younger at 20 is make you look younger whatever age you are.

Hair style make you 30 year olds look younger:

There is many of hair style type, and if you tell me if the hair make you look younger than you are and the answer is yes there is, but you need frist know what is your face shape

Then you need to know that

If you want to look younger than you are you will not make your hair straight this is the msike a lot of women use it you need to make your hair:

Make your hair curly or wave.

Make your hair short.

You can make hair with more volume that makes you look younger.

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