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The Best Ultimate Summer Body Waxing Guide

by Alex John 15 days ago in body

Summer Body Waxing

The Best Ultimate Summer Body Waxing Guide

With the arrival of summer, we put in a corner of our wardrobe these clothes that have kept us warm throughout the winter, to make room for more colorful things and which allow us to be well during the months of heat that awaits us.

At that time, shorts, short-sleeved shirts, skirts, etc. were stars, not to mention bikinis and swimsuits. In fact, our body is much more uncovered and we want to be perfect.

One of the issues that come into play when talking about being perfect is the Body waxing, which is not exclusive to women subject because men are each time more likely to treat their appearance , including when it comes to hair.

So at this time of year we tend to wax more often. That is why, in this article, we are going to discuss the most practical Body Waxing methods in summer, outlining the pros and cons for each one.

Hot wax

The hot wax is one of the most effective methods as it rips the hair at the root and lasts about three weeks. In addition, the heat causes the ports of the skin to dilate and it is easier to extract the hair.

However, one of the downsides is that you have to let the hair grow, about 6mm.Taking into account that in summer we do not want there to be a single hair visible, perhaps this is not the best method for this occasion.

In addition, with the heat, we sweat more and the wax is more sticky, and adheres less well to the skin which makes it more difficult to extract the hair.

Wax roll on

The wax in roll on or warm is that which is used with the tapes. Its difference from the previous method is that it is not necessary to let the hair grow as much. In addition, its advantage is that to use in roll on, the adequate amount is applied and it dirties less.


The photo-epilation is the technique that more and more followers used recently because it removes hair at the root, and that it does not grow back or very little (after six sessions, although it depends on each person hair type). Not having to worry about Brazilian waxing in Pennsylvania is a great advantage over any other method.

However, the main disadvantage is especially the summer period, it is not recommended to be exposed to the sun 5 days before or after waxing, because this could damage our skin and generate burns.

Tips to follow after waxing

Whether it is for waxing or photo-epilation, the skin ends up being irritated, because of the tearing or the application of heat. This is why it is recommended, in all cases, to apply products that soothe our skin to prevent it from being damaged. Aloe Vera is, for example, highly recommended following a Body waxing session, to its regenerative effects. Likewise, moisturizing gels with a cold effect are also recommended.

After having seen these 3 methods of Body waxing, it seems that the wax in roll on is the most recommended method in summer, because, on the one hand, it pulls the hair shorter than for the hot wax; and, on the other hand, the period during which we must avoid exposure to the sun is shorter than for photo-epilation (about two days).

Remember that at Kemskin you will be able to find everything you need for Body waxing at any time of the year.

Alex John
Alex John
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