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The Beauty Of Braids

The 10 types of braids I like

By Feven GPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Ever since I was little, my mom would always braid my hair. I had long hair when I was a child. I'm going to list the braids I like and which ones are my favourite.

1. Pigtails - Two braids (one on each side of the head) are called pigtails or twin tails. You can wear them however you like. Braids like pigtails are great for school or any event. I used to put my hair in pigtails when I was in school.

2. African protective braid and twist styles like cornrows or box braids are adorable and can last the longest. After doing them, you put them in hot water, and these braids last for 1-3 months.

3. Regular braids can be worn anytime. It consists of a 3-strand braid as you weave the braid with your hair divided into three sections.

4. The fishtail braid is adorable and classy. It just gives off a simple look. It begins by adding an amount of hair divided into two sections. Then you take, a small piece is taken underneath one of the two sections and is pulled across the center to the opposing section. Then you pull the braids tight and repeat. The result is beautiful and can be worn for any occasion.

5. The french braid is a 3-strand braid that alternates the classic braid technique. You start with the scalp rather than the base of the head. You divide the hair into three sections. You add the hair to each section as you braid down and across the head. You add in the weaves rather than it drooping. The french braid and dutch braid alternate with each other.

6. Rope Braid can be classified as a twist only because it uses two strands of hair rather than three strands. You take each of the two sections and twist them in opposite directions, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise. You turn the strands together and create a strain of which you can keep the braid in place.

7. Crochet braids are the most alluring braids in hair styling. The whole point of crochet braids is to be concealed ultimately. Crochet braids are essential in our culture, giving off a natural-looking hair flow. It takes a lot of time to braid and requires a professional hairdresser to secure the hair and style the weave.

8. Pull-through braid - This braid can be achieved through the process of literally pulling multiple miniature ponytails through one another by creating a charming winter formal look. It can be worn on any occasion, and adding a simple outfit with braids can make it look very pretty.

9. Partial Braids - These kinds of braids are complete in the length of the hair and are used to create them. It can be used as a big styling idea. It can be small braids that end before the hair is gathered into a chic ponytail. You can also incorporate a lace braid technique into your look that uses the end of your hair and leaves the upper ward portion flowing loosely. Anyway, partial braids can be a super cute look making the hair all slowly and focusing on the hair length and only being used as a tiny area of hair.

10. Messy fishtail braid - I think this one is beautiful. You start at the crown and pull a bit to thicken it and give it a messy, but simple look.

These are the braids I listed and my favourite has to be the fishtail braids. I have never done a fishtail braid before, but I really like how it looks and it could work for my hair once I straighten it of course.


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Hi, my name is Feven, and I am an Eritrean Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I am a creative individual who enjoys writing and creating content. If you want to know more about my experiences, I would be happy to share them with you. ☺️

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