Tattoos are walking canvases, and they look awesome!!!

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I would get one, but it's a long story.

Tattoos are walking canvases, and they look awesome!!!
Thanks to Fallon Michael for sharing their work on Unsplash.

Tattoos, in my opinion, are walking canvases. I love tattoos, the style, the design, and the story behind it. I love hearing the story behind the tattoo of the person who got it. I find it exciting to listen to the idea or inspiration behind the tattoo. The levels vary when the person tells me why they got the tattoo. Sometimes they're funny, or a traumatic event they went through and managed to rise above it, or it's something simple like a wedding band or the name of their newborn baby.

Wherever I go, and I see someone with tattoos, I always let the person know how awesome their tattoos are. Sometimes they say “thank you” and walk away. There have been a few times when I have been asked, “where are your tattoos?” I tell them I don't have any. It is kind of funny, but the reason I don’t have any tattoos is that I'm afraid of the pain. Hell, I don't particularly appreciate getting a flu shot or getting blood drawn. Not to mention tattoos are relatively expensive and time consuming anywhere from a few hours to maybe even six months. I hear tattoos look better in color, which guesses what takes up more time and costs more money.

But if I could get a tattoo, and I hope someday I will, that is as soon as I get rid of my fear of needles. I am fascinated with the art of steampunk or industrial art as it is referred to. I want to get on my shoulder blades angel wings but part machinery, you know with gears and cogs as well as wires, but I would like the tattoo to look as if my flesh were embedded into the machinery. I am making it look like I was part of an experiment. I would also like to get a bar code on the back of my neck; I would like my serial code to be 12301981-2223. The numbers are my date of birth and the time I was born. Underneath that, I would like it to say prototype Borges-81. I was going for the look of an experiment.

Believe it or not, the thought of the design of the tattoo I want took me about two years. The reason was that I kept changing my mind on what I wanted, everything from Japanese writing on my arm left or right…I can’t remember, my astronomy sign (I’m a Capricorn, by the way) on my lover back, The list goes on and on. But after seeing the artwork of steampunk, I knew I wanted mechanical angel wings on my shoulder blades. I know it sounds sci-fi, but that’s because I'm a massive fan of sci-fi.

I love watching films and looking at artwork that involves Sci-fi or steampunk. It helps inspire stories for me to write and to come up with ideas for tattoos for the characters in my stories. The other reason why I want this design is that not too long ago, I wrote a story about an Angel that was part of machinery and had to fight a demon who was also part machinery. It's still in the works, and hopefully, I could get the story completed. But I think I would instead get the story finished first before I would get the tattoo because, as I said earlier, in the beginning, tattoos cost a lot of money, they are almost the cost of two months' rent. I’m not sure if some parlors will make payments or need the money upfront. So, there you have it, why I don’t have a tattoo, what kind of tattoo I want, and why.

stephanie borges
stephanie borges
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