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Tan Contouring: the secrets to look great in your bikini

by Phosphize about a year ago in body

Easy, fast and super practical tips

Tan Contouring: the secrets to look great in your bikini
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Summer is here and chances are that you could not hit the gym as much as you would have liked to lately. On top of that, if you are like me you probably indulged a little in sweets and snacks this whole lockdown. The upside is that you might have improved dramatically your baking and cooking skills; however now you might start wondering how that bikini will look on you.

This is where tan contouring comes to the rescue.

First and foremost, let me tell you we all are too tough on ourselves – we often set impossible standards for ourselves. I really needed to say that!

Now, more on the practical side there is a way to look even better in that bikini of yours. It is quick, effortless and super practical.

Also, there are many women using self-tanning products regardless so you are killing two birds with one stone.

I was not part of this category and I started using these products with the aim of contouring and never looked back.

Using a self-tanner is a super easy way to look slimmer, help mask cellulite and make your body look more toned and defined.

And you can get this all year; whether you want to look great in your bikini or in a sexy evening gown.

By Jernej Graj on Unsplash

Let’s dive in:


Take your bronzing spray and spray half circle following the curvature of the top of your breasts. Then use a make-up wedge and mark a little more the v between your breasts.

This will make your chest look fuller and rounder.


Spray at the back of your shoulder and the back of your upper arm and curve around the biceps.

Trace under the bicep and blend into the underside of your arm.

This will make wonders in minimizing any “arm jiggle”.


Use your spray to draw two parenthesis shape along each side of your stomach. Focus the spray on the outer sides so that the focus (and less dark portion) is the inner part.

This will make your stomach look leaner and your waist smaller.

Hips & Bottom

Spray a half circle on the sides of your butt to mask saddle bags and make your bottom look slimmer.

Also make sure to spray just under your bottom (between your bottom and thighs) as this will give you an immediate “lifting” effect.


Spray a half circle around the inner portion of your thighs and spray vertically down le slide of the outer thighs.

Also spray a vertical line along your shin bone.

This will instantly elongate your legs!

By Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Some tips for first time starters:

It is easier to this in the nude, so to speak, however you can apply the self tanner with your bikini on – just make sure to protect it with some paper on it to protect the fabric.

Especially if you are a little new to all of this, use make-up wedges (or even cotton) to help you blend – blending is the secret to get a natural effect.

As for self-tanning products in general, making sure that you skin is always moisturized and smooth is crucial to make sure the skin is homogenous. Incorporate a moisturizing skin along with a weekly scrub under the shower in your skin care routine – the overall appearance of your skin will greatly benefit from that anyways!

Don’t overdo it – do not try to draw abs lines or achieve to much of a dramatic result – will it might still work in pictures, the result will be obviously “fake” in reality. Just follow the natural lines of your body making sure you blend – less is more especially as you are still learning and trying the technique out!

Don’t choose a product that is much darker than your current skin tone. You will be able to progress and choose darker nuances as you get tanned over the summer: always aim for a natural result.

Have fun with that and get ready to rock in your bikini!

Get started and experiment, you will get better and better!

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