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Strawberry Sugar

Homemade Strawberry Sugar Lip Scrub

By Wendy WachtelPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Here it is, the strawberry sugar lip scrub complete in a painted case.

Homemade strawberry sugar lip scrub is something I like to keep on hand at home. It is simple to make and feels great on my lips. I do not need too much on my lips, so a small case like the one picture above lasts a long time.

Here is what I put into it:

2 cups granulated sugar

1 cup vegetable oil

1 teaspoon strawberry extract

2-4 drops red or pink food coloring (if desired)

Mix it together and package it up! This recipe yields a lot more than you need, but I find the measurements easy to use, so I do not mind making a lot. This recipe makes enough to fill several small cases. I have painted mine to look interesting:

My lip scrub container

Lip Scrub Case Painting (Messy words "Lip Scrub")

Painting it was fun. Somehow it came out sloppily for me. I guess I need more practice writing cursive with paint on small, rectangle-like spaces. I have not yet made another one though, but plan to someday when I need another one. I think I can read the writing on there, it just says, "Lip Scrub", that way I know what is in there and do not throw it away by accident. I like the case.

This scrub is amazing. It feels good and you can lick it off your lips. Strawberries are my favorite fruit, so I enjoy the taste very much. It tastes like strawberries more than it tastes like sugar. However, the sugar really changes the taste. It is a sweet, delectable dash of strawberry sugar to my tongue. You are not supposed to eat it though, it is meant to help your lips stay fresh, healthy, soft and clean. This scrub is so quick and easy to use, it only takes a moment to apply and lick it off.

To apply: just rub it on your lips. I use tiny, circular motions to make certain it does its job. Afterwards, my lips feel smooth and soft.

It leaves a little bit of color. I believe this is a bit of a lip stain and not just an ordinary, healthy scrub. The color looks good. However, I usually wipe off my lips when I am done using the scrub and then apply lip balm and, after that, lipstick or lip gloss.

It is just as exfoliating as other sugar scrubs. I love sugar scrubs, they make my skin feel healthy, glowing and alive. They have the best scents and flavors, making bath time fun and relaxing. You can use this lip scrub without a bath, even though it makes your skin as healthy and bright as if you had just stepped out of the shower or bath. I usually put it on after I wake up in the morning before work and before putting makeup on. I use it because my lips become dry easily. My lips do not dry out at all as long as I keep up my daily routine for preventing dry lips. I feel very good that I can do this and I love the fact that I can make it at home. It makes my life a lot easier. I do not have to worry about picking out a good lip scrub if I do not have the time. I can just throw some ingredients together and make some myself–no thought required.

This strawberry sugar lip scrub feels like a gentle massage when you put it on. I think it does work wonders for lips. I have been adding this lip scrub to my daily routine for about a year now, and my lips feel great from it. I love a good sugar scrub. They always make my skin feel glowing, fresh and bright.


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