Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

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Treating oily skin is a task especially when you need to look out for it every few hours in a day. It can be one big stressful situation to live with. There can be numerous ways to prevent the oil from the face and looking all greasy. Know all about oily skin and its treatments in this blog.

Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Treating oily skin is a task especially when you need to look out for it every few hours in a day. It can be one big stressful situation to live with. There can be numerous ways to prevent the oil from the face and looking all greasy. Know all about oily skin and its treatments in this blog.

Aren’t you all just tired of dabbing that tissue over your face or washing your face several times a day. Yes, we are in it with you!

It’s a tough job to keep the oil away from your face all day long! But why not just prevent that from happening in the first place?

Why do you have excess oil production on your skin?

Sebum is the waxy, oily substance that protects and hydrates the skin. Sebum is a factor crucial in keeping the skin healthy. One can also say that too much of anything is too bad, and hence excessive sebum can lead to oily skin, clogged pores, and acne.

Some most known causes of oily skin according to dermatology experts are:

1. Hygiene: Not cleaning face properly eventually leads to clogging of pores in the face and could lead to an acne outburst.

2. Diet: Consumption of high sugar foods, processed foods & etc. which could cause insulin to spike up could as a side effect lead to excess production of sebum which could cause oily skin.

3. Hormones: Increase in production of some hormones in the body can also stimulate the sebaceous glands causing them to increase in producing oil in the skin.

4. Genetic Predisposition: Specific genes if inherited can give oily skin for life, not that it can't be controlled or treated.

How to know you have oily skin?

There are some very clear signs through which you can find out you have oily skin:

  • Greasy or shiny skin.
  • Skin looks rough or thick.
  • Occasional or persistent
  • Blackheads or open pores.

There is no need to rush to a dermatologist if you don't have a severe condition related to your oily skin. There are some home remedies that you can try which aren't harmful to your skin and can work wonders when it comes to treating oily skin in day to day life.

1. Coffee: A simple scrub made out of coffee and honey could be used to gently scrub your face, to release that excessive oil as it acts as an exfoliating agent. Do wash that scrub with lukewarm water to get better results.

2. Aloe Vera: Used since time immemorial for soothing the skin, it's very effective especially when it comes to treating oily skin. Cut an aloe vera leaf, get that gel out of the leaf, grind it into a paste and apply it over your face. Let it dry and wash it off with some warm water. It helps in removing excess sebum, dirt which clogs our pores on the face.

3. Lemon: Extract from Lemon Zest or the juice itself is known to have anti-bacterial properties, so it becomes an obvious choice to use it to oily skin. Make a simple solution made of lemon juice, rosewater and glycerin, all in equal ratios respectively. Use it as a face mask, it cleanses, tones and rehydrates the skin perfectly. Do give it a try.

4. Honey: Often regarded as the golden elixir, it has many benefits related it even in skincare. It has a tightening and rehydrating effect on the skin. It's inherent ability to act as an exfoliator removes excess oil from the skin, opens clogged pores & also prevents wrinkles. It is a constituent ingredient in many naturally based anti-wrinkle treatments. It's always good to have it in the kitchen.

What is the best skincare regimen for oily skin?

Oily skin needs utmost attention and that can be done with a thorough and regular skincare routine.

1. Wash your face regularly

  • BareAir Brightening Face Wash with Vitamin C
This facewash fights pollution and gives you a perfect radiance. It is best known for keeping the oil away for long hours and protecting it from harmful factors.

2. Exfoliate

  • Organic Harvest Exfoliating Face Scrub with Olive Oil

Exfoliate your face regularly, but gently. Your face is exposed to a lot of external factors every day and many impurities and they need to be removed from deep within.

3. Use oil-free cleansers

  • Ohria Ayurveda Papaya and Yoghurt Cleanser

Deep cleansing ingredients of tamarind, banana, create a perfect blend to unclog all the pores, remove impurities, and stop the excess and unwanted oil production.

4. Apply Clay Masks

  • Neemli Naturals Four Clay Gentle Face Mask

A 100% pure face mask which is curated toxin-free cleanses the face and hydrates it while repairing the skin from the inside and boosting skin cell production.

5. Apply a layer before putting makeup

  • Lotus Organics Divine Nutritive Hydrating Lotion SPF 20 with Irish Moss

Protects your skin by forming a layer over the skin and creating a barrier between the makeup and your skin. Perfect for maintaining a healthy glow.

Don’t forget to drink water. Many home remedies for oily skin work effectively but the person needs to find a proper routine and stick to it. If nothing works, consult a dermatologist.

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