Skin & Makeup Tips for Ladies Over 60

by Denise Willis 3 months ago in skincare

What happened to my face?

Skin & Makeup Tips for Ladies Over 60

As a teenager I never had acne. My sister did, and disgustedly sighed stating that I had skin like a china doll, but it didn't take me long to take care of that, however, and that is why at age sixty seven I am dealing with age spots that make me look like a spotted dalmation, wrinkles beyond my years, and sagging skin.

But, I need to back up. I didn't go from skin like a china doll to skin like old alligator shoes in one week, one month, or one year. It was an accumulation of things over the years and unfortunately if you find yourself in your sixties and are having issues with skin, most likely it's a little late for some of the remedies that could have helped, so I won't even torture you by going there.

Starting at the age of 13, I was a sun worshiper. I would be out in the sun swimming or simply laying out there on a blanket even when it was too cold to sun bathe. When the sun would go behind a cloud, I would pull the blanket I was lying on over me until it got warm again. I even went to the park when I took lunch at work so I could strip down and take a sun bath. When I was in my thirties I started noticing sagging skin under my eyes. That didn't stop me however, and one year I got a sunburn so devastating that my entire chest was one big blister that sloshed when I turned over in bed at night. When it healed, the skin on my chest was freckled for years.

May I suggest a few things that might make life a bit better when you reach sixty? It could be a great thing until someone invents a way for us to all look like we are young the rest of our lives. So here are some tips for older women based on my own experience:

1. Avoid direct sunlight on your face, neck and chest. I know it looks great when your face and chest are bronze colored but seriously, a lot of damage is being done to your skin by doing this.

2. Pay attention to your diet. Avoid fats and sugars mostly, and take a supplement for skin, hair and nails. There are many good ones on the market right now.

3. Practice taking care of your skin at night before you go to bed, and again in the morning when you wake up. Every day a new serum or skin product comes on the market better than the last, so this should be a fun way to try out new products on your skin and see the results.

4. Do not use soap on your face and hydrate each day and again at night.

5. Do not use powdery makeup. It tends to settle in wrinkles and make them look worse than they already are. Find something that hydrates, covers, and is light weight. Putting too much makeup on makes your face look like a mask. The less makeup you use the better you will look. Ditch the eye shadow because it too will settle in every little wrinkle you have. If you really like eye shadow find one that is more like a cream than a powder. I often will mix my foundation with some face cream to make my skin look and feel better.

My ex mother-in-law used to come to visit and she had heavy eye shadow on her eyes and below them. I am sure that looked nice when she was younger, but for a woman approaching 70 it made her look like a clown. She also favored the pink cheeks which is not only dated but only adds to the clown look. Use light blush if you use it and blend it so well that you can't tell where it ends and begins. Personally, I prefer the new creams that add a pink hue to the skin.

Good luck ladies. I hope I gave you some ideas on how to care for your face after 60. It is mostly a matter of being aware of your skin and how others view it, and to be able to change your makeup habits so you look softer and not so harsh.

Denise Willis
Denise Willis
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