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Septum Piercings: The Good, The Bad, and the Dirty!

by Meladee Johnson 4 years ago in body

Deets on the infamous septum piercing!

In this article you will find every single detail about septum piercings. Yes, pros and cons, dos and don'ts, during info (including pain scale) aftercare, how to hide it, my experience, and more.

Now, here are the pros and cons:


  1. All the compliments
  2. It's a great self esteem booster
  3. When pierced right, (through the "sweet spot") it's virtually painless, or so they say
  4. All the jewelry options are so cute😍
  5. Personally wear horseshoe rings and they flip up for school/work.
  6. Clickers are popular and I certainly see why.. They look so good!
  7. Great fidget... I turn mine all the time!
  8. Sometimes I forget about it because it's comfortable and dare I say it, it feels natural.
  9. I have anemia and I was completely fine!
  10. Uh, hello, who needs fidget spinners when you can just play with a piece of metal in your nose. (note: not recommended for fresh piercings as it will irritate your nose and possibly cause bleeding!)

And the Cons:

  1. Expect crusties when it's fresh... Expect boogies even though it's healed.
  2. If you're a bleeder like me, expect a waterfall of blood when getting it pierced.
  3. Sometimes you have to wear bigger/smaller jewelry than preferred for it to look good on your nose.
  4. Cleaning it can be a hassle when you can't move it due to those darn crusties (which by the way help, so don't clear them every minute! It's normal and they help clot, keep infection out, and they can also help hold the jewelry in place😂)
  5. At first, blood can be confused with crusties, try not to be rough during this stage... Or any stage, really.
  6. Sinuses. Expect to cry when in the process of piercing, all sinuses are jacked because you're piercing your nose, silly! Also, you'll always feel when you're about to sneeze, especially when you irritate it because that causes sneezing as your body's way of telling you to leave it alone.
  7. Sometimes I wake up and it shifted all the way and crusties are blocking both ends (okay, okay crusties = bad I know you get it, but they're more important than most people think.)
  8. Balls. Those tiny little devils are so small, they either fall out of your hand, or they slip off as soon as you line it up with the ring. Ugh, don't even bother looking if you lose one in a rug, consider it done forever... Or just vacuum!
  9. "Did it hurt?" "What made you want a bull ring?" expect unnecessary comments.
  10. Clickers, however cute are very hard to get off, think about it, the hole is curved and the bar is straight, and it's clicked in a tight space... All make it equally as hard to get those suckers off, but don't worry, I've got a tip for that, too.

In this part will be the dos and do nots of septum rings:


  1. Clean your piercing three times per day.
  2. Expect bleeding during piercing process.
  3. Expect crying during piercing process.
  4. After it is healed, you may change it however often you like.
  5. After it's healed, you only need to clean it on occasion.
  6. You may play with it all you want... after about a month!
  7. If you want to flip it up, you'll need a horseshoe ring, as clickers DO NOT flip up!
  8. Clickers are cute, but often times if you've had a horseshoe in, it can be quite tough to get it in.
  9. Feel free to twist the ring every five seconds as it often shifts.
  10. Last do: do switch jewelry often once healed!

Do not:

There aren't many do nots that I haven't mentioned, don't touch it if it's fresh, etc.

During Process:

There really wasn't much to it, I found my sweet spot, clamped it and had the needle put through, threading the jewelry in, also. We used a 14g needle, but a 16g ring just to ensure that it would thread and we wouldn't have to do it twice! Pain wise it was an 8 for me because it messed up my senses and it was a bit of a shock, honestly.


Truthfully as long as you clean it three times per day for a month with a saltwater/ wound wash solution, you're good. I personally used wound wash and saltwater in a spray bottle for convenience, but if that's not available to you, don't be afraid to get a q-tip up there!

How to Hide It:

Aka "flipping it up" is when you have a horseshoe ring and you put it into your nose so that it is not visible and nobody can tell you have it. The way to do this is simply to take your thumb and index fingers and "flip" or put it up your nose. For larger rings, you may need to make a certain face (see video) and expand your nostrils. Some (especially with larger balls) simply won't go, so you may have to break out a pair of pliers and open the ring itself, or you may take the balls off and see if that works!

My Experience:

I've had it for about 8 months now and I'm still so in love with it!! Prom is next month and I'm already thinking of ways to match my septum with my dress and other accessories! Gosh, this was the best decision I ever made! I haven't regretted it once!


  • I actually had a friend pierce mine in the school bathroom 😂 not recommended, but it worked, so...
  • I stopped cleaning mine in a month and it's still fine!
  • I recently went from a 16g horseshoe ring to a 14g clicker... not much of a difference, but again, don't follow that!

That's all for now,

-Melly Jay


Meladee Johnson

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Meladee Johnson
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