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Rice Toner

A Cheap, Natural Alternative

By Christina HammondPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

I know I am not alone in my struggles in finding the perfect products for my face. Our faces are one of the first things people we meet notice, and so we can all be rather paranoid about the condition of our faces, and justly so. Even if you are a person who honestly does not care how other people think of them there is never any harm in looking good for yourself or even just caring about taking care of your body.

Here is the main problem we all face: The best products… Tend to be rather expensive. One of my favorite facial products is from an expensive brand. So, if I run out, I had better pray it’s a week that rent is not due. Otherwise my face is screwed. Instead of stressing out about whether or not we can afford a specific product wouldn’t it just be so much better if we could make an abundance of it ourselves at home? Well, when it comes to facial toner, it is completely possible. And it is seriously the easiest thing in the world. Seriously, there is next to no effort involved in making it.

Get ready everyone, today we are talking about rice toner!

Here is what you will need: a bowl, white rice, water, and a container to keep your toner in. This is already super easy. I can almost guarantee you already have these items lying around your kitchen. Now, let’s get to it!

You will first need to pour some rice into your bowl. I usually use about 1 cup or 2 cups. Of course if I’m being 100% honest when I make toner… I’m also making dinner. Hahaha.

Next you will need to warm up your water. I usually just wait for the tap to warm up. Make sure the rice is completely covered in the water. Once it is completely covered use your hand to stir the rice, knead it, etc. You are essentially washing the rice.

Next you will pour the water into your container that you set aside for your toner. You will have to keep your toner refrigerated since if left out it will ferment.

And that’s it! You have made your rice toner! Super simple wasn’t it? I did not lie. If we’re being honest, calling it toner is being fancy, it’s rice water for your face. Whenever I use the toner I make sure to wash my face and then I will either soak a cotton pad, paper towel, or simply just use my hands to apply it to my face and pat in the excess.

This natural alternative to store bought toner is in and of itself moisturizing, alcohol free, tightens pores, and reduces redness! And since you have to keep it cold it doubly works on shrinking your pores. I amazed my roommate the first time I used this. Right after washing my face and using the toner she comment on how just by using the toner that one time my face already looked less red by a substantial amount. I have been using the toner for almost a week now and I have noticed that my pores are visibly smaller, redness has been greatly reduced, and my skin tone is more even. I have also had problems with my skin flaking when I am wearing makeup. Not anymore! My skin is smooth and no longer flakey! I can wear my makeup proudly without feeling the need to be self conscious about my dry bumpy skin.

So, not only has this natural alternative been working wonders on my face it has also saved me money on buying toner. Win-win, right? So, what are you waiting for? Go out and make yourself some! You won’t regret it for even a minute!


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Christina Hammond

Hello, one and all! As you can see my name is Christina, but on my blog I go by Christina Marie. I will write about anything and everything I find interesting or worth sharing, and I will try to make it as entertaining as possible. Enjoy!

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