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Red fox

Red fox

By Dominique HayesPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

My family has a lovely little turtle, it is my birthday last year, my mother gave me a birthday gift. Well, let me forget about that. Let me introduce the shape of this turtle. This turtle is called "bobo turtle", bobo turtle head triangle, a pair of small eyes like crystal clear small glass beads, nose like a fountain, and mouth wide and big, as if to eat down, the shell is green, there are many hexagonal, wear bobo turtle body, like a put on "armor" soldiers, very proud, belly has many "eyes." The habits of the bobo turtle are the same as those of other turtles. The bobo turtle likes to tuck its head into its shell and then crawl around like a hat. Other turtles like to stick their heads out. Bobo turtles are most interesting before and after eating. Whenever I came home from school, there will always be a "knock" "footsteps, bobo turtle heard the footsteps, then know that I will come, stretched his neck long, mouth a piece of, as if to say:" little master, I am hungry quickly give something to eat!" If you don't give it something to eat, it will always stare at you, whenever I see the bobo turtle like this, can not help but smile with hands and mouth, however, after laughing, will throw some food to it, bobo turtle see eat will immediately climb over, big mouth to eat. When he had finished eating, he turned his eyes to the sunny place, and then looked at me again, as if to say, "Little master, I am full, take me out to bask in the sun!" You see, bobo turtle can really enjoy, I put it on the balcony, it from that moment on, do not move, you don't think it is asleep, at that time ah, it is enjoying a sunshine bath, the sun has not gone down before, you want to let it move, unless the sun from the west! Bobo Turtle, I wish you were a good partner in my life.

Since the puppet by little red fox cheat, has been looking for it revenge, but the little blue nose witch and disappeared, and no witness, there is no way, he can only go to the police. As soon as Marionette entered the police station, ah! Sergeant Bear is on duty today. The puppet explained the truth to the bear. The bear officer suddenly saw the light: "By the way, the little red Fox is our wanted criminal! How silly of me!" At some point, the little blue-nosed Witch appeared and said, "I have an idea in my mind that will make the little Red fox fall into the trap." 'What is it? "Sergeant Bear and Marionette asked. "I think we'll do that... ......" That afternoon the Marionette went down the street again, pretending to laugh. At this time, Bear officer, Blue Nose little witch and other officers in plain clothes have been lying in wait nearby. The little red fox and the little puppet met again, the little puppet embarrassed to say: "Noble Mr. Fox, the last time I was wrong, said your backpack is mine, I'm sorry, lend me to see your backpack OK?" Little red fox heard very proud, immersed in their own intoxicated, said: "Red backpack I also you, I steal this thing is not strict suddenly, the police jumped out, little red Fox saw the sign in the Internet identification and translation. At that moment, police officer Bear and the little Blue Nosed Witch attacked her from left to right. The little Blue Nosed Witch moved her tongue and tied her with a magic rope, but the little red Fox still denied: "How can you help me? Do you have the right to bind me? And why? And the evidence? You'll bring it out then!" Officer Bear flew into a rage. The little Blue Nosed Witch made a gesture to calm Officer Bear down and said to Little Red Fox, "Do you want proof? Here you are." And the mirror spoke the same words it had spoken to the Marionette. The little Red Fox was speechless. Several officers took the little red Fox away. "Little Blue-nosed Witch, I say you are." "Said the policemen and the little puppet. "It doesn't matter, because the triumph of light over darkness is inevitable." Little blue Nosed Witch is a little embarrassed. The Marionette took back his red knapsack and started on his way home.


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