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Can I use vitamins to promote hair growth?

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Can I use vitamins to promote hair growth?

There has been a long-standing discussion on whether there are tangible benefits to using vitamins for hair growth. Everybody aspires for healthy and glowing hair with normal growth levels. It is in this context that several vitamins for skin and hair are attaining greater importance in the current scenario, particularly at a juncture when people do not always consume ample vitamins and minerals through their daily diets. Additionally, not everyone has the time to consume balanced meals owing to hectic professional schedules and other family/social commitments.

As a result, consuming multivitamin tablets for hair may actually be a good idea according to several medical and industry experts. Of course, the ideal remedy for proper hair growth is following a balanced diet plan that has all the 13 essential vitamins. This is what is recommended for achieving good hair health but it is easier said than done.

Which vitamin is good for hair?

If you were wondering about the best hair vitamins, there are quite a few that you should be aware of. Some of the essential vitamins include K, E, D, C and A along with the Vitamin B-Complex group as well. Deficiencies resulting from non-consumption of specific vitamins or lower consumption levels in the daily diet, may lead to hair loss, reduced hair growth and other problems.

This is where the right vitamin tablets for hair will go a long way towards arresting such issues and making sure that you overcome deficiencies without any hassles. Several researchers have noted the efficacy of Vitamins E and D along with the B-Complex vitamin group in terms of boosting overall hair growth.

Vitamin D - Several reports including one released in the year 2019 found out that alopecia areata or a condition leading to massive hair loss, may be linked to high deficiencies in Vitamin D. Reports analyzed several surveys and individual reviews where people with the condition did have lower Vitamin D levels in their blood. In a study from 2016 that surveyed several women in the USA, it was found that severe deficiency of Vitamin D did lead to hair issues although not as strongly. Hence, consuming Vitamin D is deemed essential for good hair growth. The experts usually recommend daily consumption of 15 micrograms (mcg) OR 600 international units of Vitamin D in case of adults. However, not everyone manages to consume this amount with studies showing more than 1 billion people having deficiencies related to Vitamin D globally! You should start consuming foods like salmon/swordfish, grains, mushrooms, fortified milk (low fat) or orange juice and get ample exposure to sunlight (do remember your sunscreen). You may consider multivitamin tablets for hair in this category as well post consultation with experts.

Vitamin B - Vitamin B-complex group components are known to regulate your metabolism while positively maintaining your central nervous system too. Dieticians also feel that B-12 and other B-complex vitamins can help immensely with regard to conditioning and strengthening hair. The other vitamins include B-1, B-2, B5, B-3, B-7, B-6 and B-9. You will find them in items like whole grains, vegetables such as carrots and cauliflower, poultry, beef liver, soybeans, eggs, avocados, nuts and legumes. These are all water-soluble vitamins and will leave your body through urine. Daily consumption is important and severe deficiencies may require you to take supplements as well. 2.4 mcg each day is recommended by authorities although you should always consult your doctor. Deficiencies in biotin may lead to hair loss as per studies and supplements may help tremendously in this regard as well.

Vitamin E - Several studies indicate a correlation between tocotrienol an antioxidant and Vitamin E. People with alopecia areata did have lower Vitamin E concentration in their blood as compared to those who did not suffer from this condition as per a study released in the year 2019. A 2010 clinical study also discovered that usage of tocotrienol based supplements went a long way towards enhancing overall hair health for those suffering from alopecia areata. Supplements have also helped in arresting hair loss, both in the liquid and capsule forms. Vitamin E can also be consumed through spinach, kale, almonds and wheat germ.

Other key vitamins- There have been several studies relating to Vitamins B, D and E on hair health although some other vitamins may also be equally effective as per experts. For consuming all essential vitamins for hair growth, multivitamin tablets/supplements should be considered. Alongside, you should consume a diet that is balanced with all the necessary vitamins as well. Getting ample vitamins from food items like dairy, leafy and green vegetables and even citrus fruits, may help in promoting regeneration of hair cells and this will naturally lend a healthier appearance to your hair according to reports. Retinol or Vitamin A is a highly valuable component for boosting the health of your hair. This promotes sebum secretion and sebum, as many of you may know, is a substance that helps combat breakage of hair. As a result, this is another essential vitamin for hair growth according to several reports.

What you should do is aim for the right multivitamin supplements for hair health and growth along with consuming a balanced and healthy diet on a regular basis as well. A combination of these two measures will certainly promote better hair growth, reduce hair fall and keep you away from any serious vitamin deficiencies. Of course, you may consider implementing a few changes to your lifestyle. This may include avoiding hair brushing when your hair is wet, blow drying your hair and most importantly, reducing hair gel usage.

These simple tweaks and identifying the right vitamins for skin and hair will get you good to go in no time at all! Choose effective multivitamin supplements, take good physical care of your hair and change your diet without further ado. You can expect to achieve glowing, healthy and fast-growing hair in the foreseeable future without any hassles whatsoever!

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