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Now there are so many negative emotions, because there are two very important emotional elements missing!

by danielkmay jh 2 months ago in body
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The body's mind

Emotion, is it a negative thing? obviously not, everything is useful. Emotions are not negative, not useless, but very useful. We often use our emotions. Emotion is a very important tool in the process of life experience. Without this tool, life would not be so vivid.

The problem with emotion is that we don't use it, we don't use it correctly and rationally, but we can easily be controlled by it. Human beings have a more common problem, that is, when a tool is easy to use, people will rely on it, can not do without it, and then be slowly controlled by it. There are more and more such tools. Emotion is one of the most important tools in life, so we can't get rid of it. People use emotion, and then it is used by emotion.

Successful achievers, do they have emotions? they also have emotions, not only, but only more, more profound. If not, they would not have so much energy and wisdom. As far as energy is concerned, true feelings have the greatest energy, and where there is emotion, there is power; as far as wisdom is concerned, wisdom is complete and inclusive of everything, including emotions, of course.

Although they also have emotions, the difference is that they are not affected by emotions, they are not controlled by emotions, they go deep into the center of emotions, they go deep into the center of life, they are in the center, in the inner core, while emotions are only on the periphery. Emotions are external. Not only do they have emotions, but they also have everything, but they are not affected.

They are complete, balanced and equal. They have complete and balanced emotions. The emotions of ordinary people are incomplete, unbalanced and missing. In everyone's emotions, anxiety, anxiety, tension, fear, anger, arrogance, doubt, greed, these elements are the main materials of everyone's emotions, which is extremely unbalanced, which brings a very uncomfortable life experience.

If there are emotions of the same quantity and opposite quality to neutralize and achieve a complete balance, then all emotions will be calm. The various biases of emotion disappear, but the essence of emotion still exists, and the power of emotion still exists, so although it is extremely calm, it has extreme vitality. High-quality life, calm and vitality, exist at the same time.

Nowadays, the two emotional elements that people lack most are crying and laughing. Can cry, laugh, cry naturally, laugh naturally, have no scruples, nothing to suppress, people's emotions will gradually become balanced. People do not let themselves cry, it seems that crying is a kind of vulnerability, people do not dare to show their vulnerability. Is it fragile if you want to cry? yes, life is fragile. Dare to show their own fragility, accept their own vulnerability, this is a kind of courage, this is a surrender to life.

Want to cry, is a kind of fragile, but really cry out, no scruples to cry out, is a kind of courage. People dare not cry, repress themselves, and slowly loses the ability to cry. After the ability to cry decreases, you will find that the ability to laugh is also reduced. The ability to cry and the ability to laugh are the same. People not only dare not cry, but even dare not laugh.

If you can cry, laugh, cry freely and laugh naturally, then your mood is healthy, and emotional health means that you are healthier both physically and mentally. What kind of emotion can move others most, one is crying, the other is laughing. However, crying is not to get attention or sympathy, nor to laugh to cater to others and gain psychological security. Cry, just to open the heart of the wound, let the forces of nature in, can complete the repair. Laugh, just feel the beauty of life, naturally release the joy of the moment.

If you have a certain ability of observation, you will find that the brain does not think at the moment of crying or laughing. At that time, emotions are only released naturally, without too much interference, which is a good meditation. Recently, many readers, in the process of breathing meditation, will want to cry, can not help crying, can not help but burst into tears, they asked me why I cried.

There is no particular reason, there is no other reason. Why do you usually cry, and why do you cry now, for the same reason. This reason is not external, but internal. Only, sometimes did not cry, now relax, once did not cry out, now will cry out, the body is so honest. When you allow the body to express itself freely, the body will truly express itself.

In the process of meditation, you may shed a lot of tears and may cry. This process will last for a period of time, and at a certain time, you will find that your smile comes back, you have the ability to laugh again, you can laugh happily, you can laugh heartily, this is a real smile. You can even be happy without any reason. Those who did not cry out before, if you cry now, you will be unobstructed, and you will have the ability to laugh. Children are the most able to cry, and they are also the best to laugh.

Cry and laugh, the body will automatically make some sounds, the body will naturally have some movements, these sounds and movements are conducive to the relaxation and dredging of the body. If you can listen to your own cries and laughter, you can consciously sink the sound energy of crying and laughter into the field and spread it all over your body, which is a good way to dredge it.

Every time you feel uncomfortable, it is an opportunity to grow up. Make full use of this opportunity to do three things well.

You suppress yourself and command that your energy does not flow, which is why you do not have enough energy available!

Don't forget that what you use has always been the power of the universe!


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