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My Nighttime Skincare Routine


By Ashlyn HarperPublished 7 years ago 4 min read
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As I binge watch YouTube videos of successful women who have flawless skin and impeccable morning routines all I can do is sit in envy. While I might not be a morning person (queue the two cups of coffee) I do try to stick to a nighttime skincare routine. Kudos to you out there who can wake early and get yoga, emails and skincare accomplished before your morning cup of Joe. For those of you out there who flop out of bed like a zombie, I got you covered!

Keep in mind, I am no esthetician and by no means does one routine fit for all but these are tried and true methods I have found to help my skin look and feel its best. That being said, I am the true definition of dry skin, so for you oily girls out there you might have to switch a few products to fit your need. Here, in order, is what I have to do before I call it a night. The routine takes around 30 minutes (I know, you are already thinking I’m crazy) but I use this time to unwind from my day, listen to soothing music, drink a calming cup of tea, and let my mind wander

1. Double Cleanse

First and foremost, whether you do other steps or not, cleansing is a staple in any routine. Even on days I don’t wear makeup this is still a needed process. Our skin soaks up the environment like a sponge and if we don’t wash then we let all the bacteria sit on our face, transfer on our pillows, and cause breakouts. I first wipe my face off with an exfoliating makeup wipe to get the top layer of makeup and dirt. Then, I go in with a gentle cleanser to reach deep in my pores as well as hydrate my face.

2. Toner

This, to me, is also a very important necessity to the happiness of your skin. Toners help balance out the PH in your skin, making it happy and healthy (and keep those pesky breakouts at bay). My skin is relatively sensitive to a lot of products so I find witch hazel to be an amazing toner for my face. With this I buy cheap gauze from the drugstore and, with a little on the gauze, press it into my face. Go for a pressing method as opposed to a swiping method for better results. When we swipe this causes the product to pass over any fine lines or wrinkles.

Refrain from using this around your eyes due to the sensitivity of the skin. After I put this on all over I let it sit for one minute so that my face has a chance to soak everything up.

3. Serums

Depending on what your face needs will depend on the serums you need. For me, I find my skin feeling dull and lifeless more than anything. I reach for a vitamin C serum to help boost brightness and give me that glow from within. Again, I put a small amount onto my fingers and press, not swipe, into corners of the face to get every little line. While avoiding the eye area I let this serum sit for ten minutes (good time to catch up on last minute emails, feed the cat, or sip tea).

I have found that vitamin C does not like to mix with other creams so make sure it is well and soaked in before moving on to the next step. After several minutes you will find the serum turn almost sticky in consistency as if a layer of glaze has been added to your face.

4. Eye Cream

After the vitamin C serum has set, I use my nighttime eye cream. This only takes a very little amount and I press this around the eye and above the brow. With any eye cream you should spend a little time pressing your finger, like a massage, around the eyes. This will help with water in the face so you don’t wake puffy in the morning.

5. Moisturize

Due to my excessive dry skin I have two different moisturizers I use at night. This is not necessary for normal to oily skin. I usually use a nighttime cream and then layer a thick lotion (like Nivea Crème) for an extra boost. With all these steps I try to keep to the rule thinner to thicker when layering. This helps get the most out of each of your product.

6. Misting Spray

My only exception to the rule I just stated. I use a lightweight spray at the end of everything to help hold all the layers into place. I love using a rose water formula because the fragrance calms my senses and helps boosts radiance.

All these steps have been a staple in my routine and I have found my skin waking with a refreshed and inner glow. Again, you can add or delete whatever you want to fit your skin type. The only two things I believe are needed for everyone is cleansing and toning. Otherwise, find what works for you and makes you wake feeling beautiful.


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