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Short hair on a woman?

I got my hair cut yesterday. I know, “hold the phone, was it safe?” Seems like it. There were three employees and they wore masks. I was the only customer, also in a mask. They took my temperature when I went in and I passed with flying colors. There was a tiny garbage next to the chair for used combs and brushes. At one point, the stylist got a tickle in her throat and basically ran away to grab some water. To get around my ears, she had to unhook my mask, but it was only for a short time and she did one side at a time. The only issue was that some of my tiny hairs got in the mask and it was itchy… I know, end of the world stuff here. All in all, it was a positive experience and I recommend them if you’re in the Irmo, SC area. Hair One

Now onto the important part. Here’s a before and after:

Ever since high school, I’ve been growing and then cutting my hair off. I made it three whole years this time, but it’s end had arrived. Everytime I chop my hair off, I hear the same things, mostly from men. “You look better with long hair.” “It’s sooo short...” “Why did you get a dyke haircut?” My current boyfriend is the only partner I can think of who has not voiced such an opinion. Not that he prefers it short, more that he doesn’t care and he wants me to do what makes me happy. That might also be the reason I made it three years before the inevitable chop…

But this is specifically what I want to talk about. Everyone is entitled to their own preferences, but that means I am as well. It’s not a “dyke” haircut, or a man’s haircut, or anything of the sort. It’s my haircut and it makes me happy. It will also make me more comfortable. I don’t know how anyone in the south has long hair, but if it makes you happy, go for it. Grow it until you step on it or until a Prince can climb it.

It can be argued that there is an evolutionary aspect to the preference. Hair grows slowly and can therefore be used to ascertain the health and reproductive potential of the other person. Malnutrition leads to poor hair health among other much more serious conditions. Historically, short hair also indicates that the person has been under the control of an authority, whether through military service or imprisonment. Short hair on men is a relatively new phenomenon and the length of hair on women varies widely based on the culture that you’re in. One society’s long is another’s short. I’ve also talked to many men who say they prefer long hair so they have something to hold onto.

These things only explain the preference though, not the reaction.

You can tell me that you don’t like my haircut. I can take it. I’m a big girl. I know when I get a bad haircut. But don’t be insulting. It’s a short haircut, not a “dyke” haircut. I decided to write this blog because it’s Pride Month and I count myself as an ally. It’s 2020 people. We should be past this. I know there are positive or neutral uses for the word within the community, but I can assure you that this is not how it was used in the context of my hair.

Hair, just like a lot of our appearance, can be a reflection of who we are. I urge everyone to respect who each of us is. Personally, I find a variety of hairstyles attractive. At my day job, one of my favorite compliments is about people’s hair styles. Just today I complimented shock straight hair that was dyed two different shades of blue and with a purple, a person with wavy ginger hair down to her hips, and a woman with a pixie cut similar to my own. What’s important is that you own it. Be yourself, play with your hair, and respect others' decisions. Have fun. It grows back... well, usually.

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Nicole "ChaseThePen" Sanchez
Nicole "ChaseThePen" Sanchez
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Nicole "ChaseThePen" Sanchez
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