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My Hair Growth Journey

The best hair oil I've ever used

By Feven GPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
My Hair Growth Journey
Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash

Hi guys!

After talking about hair growth tips a while back, I'm back to tell you a little story about how I'm growing my hair back.

So my hair growth journey started way back in 2010. That year is when I graduated high school. I used to straighten my hair every two days during high school. I know which was terrible, but I didn't realize how much damage it was doing to my hair. My friend had to tell me I had I stop straightening it; otherwise, it would get worse. So when high school finished, I stopped straightening it for a year. So what I did was, leave it curly for a year. I washed it every two weeks, moisturized it, applied oil and comb it. I then used to braid my hair every day during my college days.

I used to braid with oil at night, then undo it the next day for school. I did go ahead and trim my hair as well. Doing that routine helped my hair, and eating healthy foods, plays a big part in growing your hair. So I would do this routine for years and my hair grew back so much. So a little further into 2017, my hair was 22 inches. It was long! I loved how my hair was finally healthy. I could even straighten it once in and while; it didn't ruin my hair at all because I used heat protectant while straightening it. Once my hair was straight, it was super long, which I liked. I also did some hair treatment shampoo and conditioner, which contributed to bringing my hair back. I used the shampoo and conditioner shea moisture restores damaged hair shampoo and the conditioner. I was using it for years on end. I did try other shampoos and conditioners, but they didn't work for my hair. But this one helped my hair growth. My hair didn't break on the ends. That is the worse part when your ends break off. Also as mentioned before, trimming hair really does help, I trimmed that one time and it grew my hair a lot. I don't remember trimming it that very often, but it worked for me. So then, when 2020 came along, my hair started to thin. I was taking medications then, so I guess the medicines I was on thinned my hair. There wasn't anything I could do, really. Now present day, I found a solution to the problem of thinning. I found this oil called Camila Rose hair growth serum. So just recently started applying it to my hair for two weeks now, and let me tell you, it works for my hair. It grew my hair, just not long like in 2017, but it still started growing. I can see it working.

I love this bottle of oil! My hair's thickness is coming back I recommend using it if you have to then you slowly or lose the thickness of your hair. Also, like to mention, thinned or lost your hair's thickness slowly. I can feel it. I use this bottle every night before bed, and it's doing wonders for my hair. I apply it by shaking the bottle first. Always shake the bottle. Then, I split my hair in down the middle and apply to the top of my hair, into all areas of my hair and scalp and then massage it. Doing this for two weeks the middle, significant, and back recommended some major results which I am happy with and looking forward to seeing the final results of my hair growth.

Thanks for reading :)


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Feven G

Hi, my name is Feven, and I am an Eritrean Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario. I am a creative individual who enjoys writing and creating content. If you want to know more about my experiences, I would be happy to share them with you. ☺️

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