My First Time Using a Bath Bomb

by Nathaniel Corns about a year ago in product review

The Twilight Bath Bomb from Lush

My First Time Using a Bath Bomb

So full disclosure: I'm probably not the demographic for bath bombs. I'm a 21-year old male, who admittedly doesn't like taking baths. I kinda feel like I'm lying in my own dirt. So take everything you read with a pinch of salt.

Despite not being a fan of baths I finally gave into the hype–everyone is talking about bath bombs; my Instagram is filled with videos of people placing bath bombs into water, and the beautiful colours they create. I caved and went into my local Lush store. I was forewarned that the staff would be incredibly friendly and they certainly were. Thankfully the bath bomb section was right next to the door, so I didn't have to go through the awkwardness of being walked to a far off section of the store. I was greeted with a whole variety of bath bombs in all shapes, sizes, and colours. It was slightly overwhelming to the inexperienced. But it wasn't a bad experience–the staff gave me my space, and I was able to browse at my own pace. After all, if this is going to be my first bath bomb I need to choose the right one. Eventually I settled on the Twilight Bath Bomb, which cost me £3.95.

When I was at home a few days later, I decided to bite the bullet and finally try it. I filled up my bath nice and hot, and then lifted the Twilight bath bomb out of it's paper packaging. It looked cute in my hand and smelt incredible. Whatever happens, I figured, I would end up smelling nice after this bath regardless of whether I liked it or don't. When my bath was finally full I dropped the bomb in it.

Almost instantly the bath bomb began to fizz and spin before my eyes. It wasn't an aggressive noise like I was expecting, but more of a gentle background noise. For the first few minutes it was quite relaxing watching the colours wiz out of the spinning sphere. I was slightly shocked when the inside of it was blue - a stark contrast to it's pink casing. But after my initial interest it became slightly boring. I realised it would take a while for the whole bomb to dissolve into the water, and I was over-watching it spin and fizz out. The colours in the water weren't that appealing. It ended up blending into an unattractive green-purple colour with weird white foam on top. When the whole bomb finally dissolved, the water was a dark purple colour-something I probably should have guessed from the bomb being called "Twilight," but something that disappointed me slightly nonetheless. I genuinely was expecting a pink bath. The purple wasn't inviting to me, and I almost considered pulling the plug, and just giving up. But I'd come this far, and spent just short of £4 on it, so I figured I'd just give it a shot anyway.

I took off my clothes and stepped in. The water was already lukewarm from the amount of time it had taken the bomb to dissolve. It wasn't uncomfortable, but I do like my bath steaming hot. The first thing I noticed was how soft my feet and ankles felt–the water wasn't harsh and soapy like I'd expected it to be. I sank myself down to a sitting position and began rubbing my legs together. Is this how people feel after they shave their legs? Despite my leg hair I could rub my legs together as if they were two sheets of silk. It made me giggle.

Sadly, whilst it made my legs feel soft it sure didn't make my hair feel soft. I lied down and almost wished I hadn't. My hair felt like straw, and I knew that I would have to shower after I'd finished in the bath. I lifted my head out of the water so that only my body was submerged.

After 10 minutes I was already bored and shivering–the bath too cold to sit still in. I tried listening to my audio book, but I was too scared I'd drop my phone in the purple (and now slightly dirty) water. The colour of the water was now even more unappealing after I'd got in it covered in my grime from the day.

After 20 minutes, I gave up. I figured I'd gotten the experience, and my money's worth so I pulled the plug. The murky water vanished leaving a thin coating of glitter all over my tub. Knowing full well my boyfriend wouldn't take too kindly to a glittery bath I decided to kill two birds with one stone and would rinse myself at the same time as rinsing the bath. My hair cried a sigh of relief after I put conditioner in it. I scrubbed the glitter out of my body hair, knowing full well it would be in my head hair too, but not wanting to do it any more damage. The glitter on the tub was stubborn, and I was scrubbing at it for a good few minutes. Thankfully my hair recovered and started to feel soft again after I rinsed the conditioner out.

To summarize: there were good things, and bad things about trying a bath bomb. I smell great and my skin feels incredibly soft. It was fun to watch the bath bomb fizzing and spinning at first.

Would I buy another bath bomb? Sure. Although maybe I'll see if I can run the bath a bit hotter next time.

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Nathaniel Corns
Nathaniel Corns
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