My Favorite Natural Makeup Brand

As I'm getting older, I can definitely see the importance of using chemical free and organic products for my family and myself.

My Favorite Natural Makeup Brand

As I'm getting older, I can definitely see the importance of using chemical free and organic products for my family and myself. I started researching the products that we used and better alternatives when I was pregnant with Delilah. When researching brands, I would often have to choose products that had the least amount of chemicals which was very frustrating and incomprehensible.

I was losing hope for finding a clean brand for my daughter until I discovered The Honest Company Products. The brand was created by a mother, Jessica Alba, for mothers. I used mostly all of their products except their disposable diapers because I cloth diapered for the first few months.

What I liked about the company is that it claimed honesty in all of their products being chemical free and safe to use on babies. Major bonus, they do not test on animals! What’s the point of being vegetarian and still using products that test on animals?

Now if only, they had a skincare line as well. At the time; they didn't, until one day while I was on Instagram, they announced that they would be launching a line called Honest Beauty. Now all I had to do was wait until they officially launched. After they launched their products, I ordered, waited until my bundle arrived and tested them out before giving my review on them.

Below I’ve listed my favorite items from this bundle and gave my honest opinion on them.

Younger Face Deep Hydrating Cream

If you have oily skin and want to find a moisturizer that will not break out your face, I recommend this one. It smells lovely and the packing is tres chic; which looks cute on your dresser or in your skincare/makeup stand. You will not be disappointed.

Everything Primer

If I had to choose between five facial products for the rest of my life, this would be one of them. I love this primer. You can use it without foundation, or whatever you place on your face, and it gives you a luminous gleam or as a primer under your makeup routine. It size makes this product very travel friendly which is another plus.

Everything Creme Foundation

I absolutely love this foundation. I used to be a bit cynical about foundation and think that it was disgusting, clogs pores, and cakes your face, etc; so I stuck with BB cream. But after trying this item 2 years ago, I switched. It smells amazing and doesn't smell like chemicals at all. It's also one of the only foundations that doesn't break my skin out. Because let’s face it, I don't feel confident with acne. Another plus is that they include a facial sponge with it.

Concealer Duo

Since I recently purchased this concealer, I really cannot give a full review of it. But I can say that the small packaging is convenient for traveling and is aesthetically pleasing.

Magic Balm

This would the second product that I couldn't live without. Lately my lips have been extremely dry and this is the only thing that manages to repair them. Did I mention that it can be used as: highlighter, balm for your dry nose, cuticle oil, and more? My daughter loves using this balm as her “lipstick.”

Beyond Hydrated Shampoo & Conditioner

These products were also another first tries therefore cannot give a full review of them. But after using them a few times, I noticed that they didn’t dry out my hair or give me a dry scalp. The smell was also very alluring. I defiantly will be purchasing the full sized products without worries. The only negative about this product is the price which is a bit outside our budget.


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