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Mother duck fire

Mother duck fire

By anthony cassidyPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Quack Quack is a duck with a mouth. Seeing mother Duck knitting, she would say, "Mother, why did you choose aqua red? Doesn't pink green look good? Did you see a little mouse with a water red hat? Would you like to know what my favourite colour is..." See the mother duck in catching small fish, she will say: "Mother, why do you like to catch slender fish, do they swim slowly? Or is that the only one you know how to catch? Why don't you go shrimp hunting? Don't you think fish are faster than shrimp..." Mother duck said to her, "Please, will you stop talking? I'm getting calluses from my ears!" Here's Gaga again: "Huh? Can you get calluses from your ears? Can you turn your ears into silkworms? What kind of calluses do they produce? Isn't it fun..." Mother duck fire: "Mother is to let you talk less, cocoon is to say, you talk more, let my ears tired!" When Ga understood, she answered loudly, "No, Mother, I am full of words; if I do not speak, I will burst." The worried mother duck had to come to the clever blue fox. "Why does Gaga always talk?" "She asked Blue Fox very strangely. "Well," said the Blue Fox, laughing, "Lady Gaga is a curious child. That's not surprising." "Can you find a way to tone her down?" "Said Mother Duck." Or, let her stomach digest the words, and not go on and on!" The blue fox's eyes turned ah turned ah turned a lot of circles: "This wish, may be able to realize yo!" The Blue Fox went to his lab and mixed all kinds of powder together to make candy pills. "All you have to do is give Gaga a candy pill every day and her words will be digested." Blue fox handed mother duck seven pills, "seven pills, Gaga is no longer a talkative duckling, then, her stomach ah, will particularly like to digest words." As soon as the excited mother duck got home, she gave Gaga a pill. "Sweet candy, Mom, I've never tasted candy like this, where did you come from..." After the chatty Gaga had uttered half a string of sentences, the words stopped as if suddenly interrupted. "Ah, this candy is to digest your words, you see, now you don't want to talk? Stomach words, candy grab digestion!" "Said mother Duck happily. Gaga looked at her mother in surprise for a moment, really unable to say anything, and turned to open the book. This night, mother duck feels so quiet. Gaga quietly in the side of the book, they clean or watch TV or answer the phone to friends, Gaga did not disturb, she read her book, draw her pictures, write her words... How mother duck longed for such a time before! After two very quiet days, mother duck felt that there was something missing. One day, she said to Gaga: "Grandma will come tomorrow, go to buy good food ok?" Normally, Gaga would have jumped. But now Quack followed in silence. "Can I buy some cheese?" asked mother duck. 'Good! Gaga cherishes her words like gold. "Will you buy some jam? "Good." Gaga is still a word. Mother Duck felt so boring, thinking of the past always full of words Gaga, she sighed heavily. Back home, the mother duck to the remaining three pills back to the blue fox, said: "Ah, really put a belly of words digested also can't, I don't know what Gaga is thinking." Blue fox busy nod: "is, is, the belly full of words of the child, in fact quite lovely, the bulging belly like a balloon, let the child feel happy to fly!" "Really, really! Mother duck like before Quack Quack, more like a live balloon!


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