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Misunderstandings about washing hair

by Timothy M. Scruggs 5 months ago in hair

Shampoo requires skill

Those misunderstandings about washing hair

Mistake 1: Wash your hair every day. Some people feel that washing their hair every day can easily cause headaches, hair loss and other problems. In fact, the frequency of shampooing varies from person to person, depending on whether the hair is oily or dry. If necessary, it is okay to wash your hair every day. Shampoo has no effect on the hair follicle itself, and generally does not cause headaches and hair loss. However, it should be noted that ordinary anti-dandruff shampoos can generally be used every day, while anti-dandruff products containing selenium disulfide or ketoconazole can only be used in a short period of time or alternately. Do not use for a long time to avoid drug resistance. Sex.

Mistake 2: Hot water can grow hair. There is a saying on the Internet that washing your hair with hot water can speed up blood circulation and help hair growth. There was a rumor that “washing your face with cold water can shrink pores, and washing your face with hot water will enlarge pores”. Now there is a misrepresentation that “washing hair with hot water can grow hair”. The temperature of shampoo should be slightly higher than body temperature, and it is recommended to control it at about 40 degrees Celsius. Of course, it is not recommended to use too cold water to wash your hair. First, it may not be easy to clean. Second, if you wash your hair with cold water in winter, your scalp will become numb. Washing your hair with too hot water is not good. It will not only damage the hair shaft, but also the scalp.

Mistake 3: There are taboos in shampooing time. Washing your hair is the same as taking a bath and washing your face. There is no time requirement. You can wash your hair in the morning, at night or in the evening. In addition, there is currently no research showing that washing your hair during menstruation can cause dysmenorrhea or headaches.

Mistake 4: Washing your hair first in the bath will cause cerebral hemorrhage. There are rumors that human blood vessels are very weak and will “swell” when exposed to high temperatures and burst if they are not careful. When washing your hair in winter, when you touch hot water, the blood will gather on the head. If you wash your hair immediately, it may cause poor blood circulation in the head. If it does this for a long time, it may induce cerebrovascular disease or even cause cerebral hemorrhage.

In fact, if a person's blood vessel wall is really very weak, it will swell as soon as it encounters a high temperature, so no matter which part of the body is washed first when taking a bath, the blood will run to that part, causing poor blood circulation. Stroke induced by bathing is not caused by the thermal expansion of blood vessels in the brain, but because of changes in blood pressure caused by increased body temperature, increased heart rate, and excessive force during a hot bath, which may induce stroke.

After washing my hair, how do I properly dry my hair?

There are usually several options, such as rubbing dry, natural dry, press dry or blow dry. If the method is not appropriate, it will damage the hair.

Rub dry (recommended factor: ★) After shampooing, rub the hair vigorously with a towel. This inertia action that many people have may cause hair damage and make the hair worse and worse. When the hair is wet, the friction on the surface of the hair increases, which will increase the mechanical damage to the hair fibers. At this time, combing and rubbing the hair back and forth can easily cause the hairy skin scales to lift and break.

Dry naturally (recommended coefficient: ★★) If you are a boy with short hair, it is convenient to let your hair dry naturally. But for girls, especially girls with long fluttering hair, waiting for the hair to dry naturally is a waste of time.

Press to dry (recommended coefficient: ★★★) Press to dry the hair is a more gentle and preferable method. Follow the hair scales and use a towel to gently press out the moisture in the hair from top to bottom.

Blow-drying (recommended coefficient: ★★★) Blow-drying with a hair dryer may cause certain damage to the hair, but it is a more time-saving and labor-saving operation. When using a hair dryer, pay attention to the following three points to better care for your hair: 1. Lower the temperature of the hair dryer as much as possible, especially for dry and damaged hair, it is best to reduce the use of high-temperature hair dryers; 2. Keep the hair dryer and the scalp At a certain distance (above 15 cm), shake the hair dryer from time to time when blowing to avoid direct blowing to make the scalp feel burnt; 3. Do not blow for too long, and do not blow the hair particularly dry. Touch the hair after blowing. Just leave it with a touch of moistness.


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