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Men, It Is Time You Started Taking Grooming Seriously!

by Robert Gitau 2 years ago in body

Proper grooming includes dressing contemporary and for the occasion. Be mindful of what you wear, particularly the color of your shoes and belt.

Did you know that you don’t have to be rough and rugged to be a real man? Well, if you didn’t, then here’s some breaking news for you: Gone are the days when looking good and pretty was a preserve of women. It is time you started taking grooming seriously! Check out the following benefits of self-grooming for men.

1. It accentuates your natural attractiveness

Are you naturally attractive? Well, congratulations. Maybe you are one of the lucky few men with perfectly-shaped beard and manly jawline. But unless you are Jon Snow, your manly hairs will scare people off if you don’t shave or trim them. Self-grooming will make your face look better than it actually is.

Also, your perfectly-built body will be such a waste if you don’t dress neatly and work on your walking style.

2. It grabs attention

Proper grooming includes dressing contemporarily and for the occasion. Be mindful of what you wear, particularly the color of your shoes and belt. If you love suiting up, then ensure that the colors of your shirt, tie, and suit blend in a unique and fashionable way. Get rid of those oddly-colored suits. You are not Terry Crews!

3. Boosting confidence

All eyes will be on you if you are well groomed. Everyone will want to be associated with you. Picking up conversations with people becomes effortless when you brush and floss. You won’t shy from waving at people when your fingernails are well-trimmed and cleaned. By boosting your confidence, self-grooming helps you to communicate better and with clarity. Note that you don’t have to polish your nails like Harry Styles to be well-groomed.

4. Unlocking potential

People will always try to suppress your potential by teasing you inappropriately. If you are dressed badly or when your breath smells awfully, they will question your mental health and even academic qualification. Go on and shush every doubter by wearing well-ironed clothes and smelling of quality cologne. If you have the unique glow that comes with a nice haircut, you won’t believe how much respect people will accord you.

5. Increasing your competitive advantage

Your sparkling, well-maintained teeth will force interviewers to treat you with respect. If you are in business, shampooing your hair and eliminating body odor will attract more customers. Indeed, self-grooming helps you make the perfect first impression which is necessary in any competitive environment.

6. Protection from germs and bacteria

Trimming your pubic hair, the hairs under your armpits, and generally all unnecessary hairs on your body enhances free-flowing of sweat. Note that if large volumes of sweat and oily residues are retained on your body, you will always have a notoriously bad odor. That’s without forgetting that parasites such as lice and bedbugs thrive most in hidden body hair.

7. It is actually healthy

Flossing and brushing, for example, significantly reduces bacteria and germs buildup around your teeth, so you don’t spend much on dental appointments. Good oral hygiene is also a recipe for healthy gum, less cavities, and beautiful smile.

8. It shows maturity and class

If you are old, smelling nice and wearing fitting clothes will help you keep tabs with the current fashion trends. You don’t have to wear oversize shirts and outdated sweaters to look mature. If you are a young professional, proper grooming will help you look mature without jeopardizing your classiness. Note that unkempt hair doesn’t make you classy. It makes you look homeless and irresponsible.


Times are changing and so should you. It is time men stopped being apologetic for caring about how they look. We deserve to smell nice and look good just like our ladies. Keep striving to take your grooming game to higher levels. You don’t have to break the bank to look good since self-grooming kits for men and men fashion brands are very affordable these days.


Robert Gitau

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Robert Gitau
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