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“Masking For Trouble”! Skincare Spa Night With Lauren Adams from “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

From the hilarious Netflix series to her obsession with sheet masks, it was a social distance spa night.

In honor of the new, and really cool Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt interactive special “Kimmy vs. The Reverend” on Netflix, which is basically a Choose Your Own Adventure book come to life, I decided to have a spa night with the hilarious Lauren Adams from the show! Full spoilers! Instead, with her cult hit Instagram page @MaskingForTrouble, Lauren Adams from "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" is someone I've been wanting to team up with for a skincare face mask side by side trial forever! We have mutual friends dating as far back to high school and college, so this was a collaboration that was meant to be. Join us for a girls night with tips for positivity, gratitude, and joy, plus lots of deep dive skincare tips from the expert on face masks. Seriously, she must have tried hundreds. She’s even made special trips to the Korean shopping district in New York, and has even been to South Korea!

I chose to go super luxe using one of the Treatment Lotion Masks from La Mer, while Lauren chose to use a sheet mask from Winged that comes infused with CBD! Two very different types of masks indeed but some noticeable effects. My skin turned out super super smooth afterwards. Be sure to note that you should wear the La Mer mask for only five minutes. It’s fine to use it all by itself, but I like to prep the skin with a moisture mist before the mask, and seal it over with a moisturizer afterwards. With both the face masks, we were really surprised by the amount of product inside the mask packets. You’ll have to watch to see what we mean.

Lauren also taught me a couple cool tricks to make face masks fit better. For example, if you want to have a snack, she shared a hack for that (and considering it was girl’s night in, I made a chocolate mousse pie (all vegan plus the same amount of protein as an egg per slice), we definitely needed this hack. She also shared how to make a mask fit better for guys with beards, and I immediately chopped into my mask with scissors while I was still wearing it! Maybe I should plan ahead better next time, but the trick definitely works and is really easy (if you do it before you put the mask on, lol).

We also took some great questions from the viewers and talked about everything from self-care during quarantine, how to detoxify clogged pores and acne prone skin, what kind of things you should look for when buying sheet masks, , and even had a visit from one of my chihuahuas. Are you looking for a four legged friend? Well, this one is mine, but I definitely recommend everyone consider adopting an older dog. is the best resource out there for finding almost any kind of domesticated animal in need of a home, but especially dogs and cats. You can truly find any breed in need of rescue. That’s a different episode...

You're invited to grab a snack, grab a sheet mask, (or make one using my super cheap 2 ingredient recipe), and hang out with us. We had homemade Chex Mix and chocolate mousse pie, to fill our bellies, and a surprise appearance from some fuzzy friends

You can also click through to a separate video to learn how to make my all natural, vegan, cruelty free, pore cleansing, exfoliating clay mask that's even safe for sensitive skin! Whew! What more could you want from a face mask, am I right?


Emmy winning makeup artist, on-camera host, vegan, Mexican American, gay guy with 2 chihuahuas. Makeup/Tattoo Designer for "West Side Story" on Broadway.

Andrew Sotomayor
Andrew Sotomayor
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Andrew Sotomayor

Emmy winning celebrity makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor has worked with, Covergirl, La Mer, L'Occitane, and eight Academy Award winning actors. He's the host of "Masters of Makeup" and founder of Oracle Jayne Station fragrances.

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