Major Causes of Premature Aging and How to Reverse the Aging Effect

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Aging is the natural loss of the cell’s functionality due to natural or other factors. Aging caused by natural factors cannot be reversed unless slowed down ,since it’s a growth process and follows the mortality theory.

Major Causes of Premature Aging and How to Reverse the Aging Effect

However, there are other factors that make a person look older than their actual age. These factors are what we shall be discussing, as well as pointing out ways through which we can reverse the impacts.

Premature aging is a big concern to people who want to maintain their aesthetics because as a person ages, the skin loses elasticity and becomes unattractive. The loss of good texture and tone are the driving forces and the basis of a majority of anti-aging treatments. These cosmetic treatments are several, but we shall not dwell on that in this article.

What causes premature aging?

There are almost unlimited factors that can cause premature aging, and these can range from poor nutrition to excess feeding practices. Some of these causes of premature aging are:

Free Radicals

To fully understand what free radicals are and how they cause premature aging, we need to lay a basic foundation on some basic principles of chemistry. Electrons surround atoms, and if an atom has unbounded electrons, these are what are called free radicals.

The big association between free radicals and aging in the body is explained by oxidative stress. This occurs when the oxygen molecules split into atoms with unpaired electrons. The best solution to curb oxidative stress and even reverse the effects of aging caused by free radicals is through the consumption of antioxidants. These can donate an electron without becoming reactive.


Inflammation occurs when the body sends excess white blood cells and other healing associated substances to certain damaged tissues in an effort to fight the disease-causing germs. However, in some instances like in arthritis, the inflammation results when the body’s autoimmune system triggers the auto-healing process without any justifiable cause. This makes the body attack and damage its own cells as well as tissues.

As a result, the functionality of the body's system is greatly compromised, and this leads to premature aging. Premature aging can be reversed by addressing the causal element. For example, seeking treatment for arthritis as well as other chronic infections, getting treatment for autoimmune disorders, reducing the intake of carbohydrates and avoiding any form of a substance that can intoxicate the body.


There are many external as well as internal factors that can contribute to stress. This is also the major element that has been attributed to fast aging to any sitting president in the United States of America.

The body is a self-regulating system, and whenever it detects a high level of stress, it releases some chemicals and hormones, like cortisol, to fight off the effects of stress. However, long term exposure to high levels of cortisol has been attributed to premature aging. Dealing with features and elements causing stress is the best way to reverse the effects of premature aging.

Poor Skin Hygiene and Maintenance Practices

Skin is the outer covering of the body. As such, it’s the most prone organ to external factors that can cause premature aging. Some of these factors include prolonged exposure to sun, skin disorders, infections, poor hygiene, as well as intoxication with smoking and excess alcohol.

Majority of the above causal factors just require cessation for the body to initiate the reversal process but some other skin maintenance practices can also reverse these effects. Some of these practices include cosmetic laser treatments, use of dermal fillers, moisturizers, microdermabrasion as well as micro needling.

Wrap Up

There are unlimited causes of premature aging, but the best practice to reverse any of their effects is through preventive measures. However, cosmetic treatments are also effective in reversing premature aging effects. To get the best from cosmetic treatments, ensure that you seek the services of a qualified dermatologist near you.

Amelia Grant
Amelia Grant
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