Magnetic Eyelashes: Are They Worth It?

by Jenny Y 3 years ago in product review

An Eyelash Addict's Take on OneTwoLash

Magnetic Eyelashes: Are They Worth It?
The full cover enhanced lashes from OneTwoCosmetics

I love fake eyelashes. I think they pull together any makeup look and can make you more glamorous in an instant. Also, as a young adult I keep up with many social media platforms, so it was only a matter of time before I heard about magnetic lashes. These are meant as an alternative to the traditional strip lash for people who want fake eyelashes but can't deal with the glue.

For Black Friday, a company called OneTwoCosmetics had a 25% off sale on their trademark product, magnetic eyelashes. I'd been looking at magnetic eyelashes for a while, so I decided to buy a pair. After all, they have a 60-day money-back guarantee, so what was I going to lose? I eagerly awaited my package after I placed my order.

The packaging that the lashes came in was beautiful and looked high quality, worth the ~$50 I paid. I opened the package and there was a free applicator tweezer with the set, meant to provide an alternative to application by fingers. All in all, the packaging and presentation was beautiful.

I was excited to try an apply the lashes and I had done research on the best way to put them on. From other reviews, I gathered that there was quite a learning curve but once you practiced, the lashes could look incredibly real. As expected, it took me a few tries to get the magnetics to stick to each other with my real lashes in between. The first several times, they would be magnetized but would be halfway down my eyelash and not flush with my lash line at all. Learning how to apply these properly can be quite frustrating, but eventually I did get them where I wanted and they looked like any other fake eyelashes I used.

I wore these for the next few hours and for the most part, they were great. I didn't experience any sliding down my eyelashes or strange movement, but I could feel the magnets a bit when I blinked. As far as discomfort goes, they weren't any worse or better than other false lashes; I could tell they were there, but it didn't really bother me.

However, the second time I put these lashes on, I noticed that barely an hour later the magnets had migrated down my eyelash and were separated from my lash line in the corner of my eye. I took them off as I didn't have the time or means to go to the bathroom and fix them, and it was frustrating that they didn't stay on. It seemed that because I was yawning more this morning, the closing of my eyes had forced the magnets down gradually.

After these two experiences with OneTwoLash, I've concluded that magnetic lashes aren't for me. One of the greatest selling points is the "lack of mess" and thus reusability of these lashes, but as someone who wears lashes quite frequently, I've learned to clean my strip lashes and find them very simple. As such, these lashes aren't worth the $50–60 investment for basically the same experience I would get with strip lashes. I plan on returning them because even though they're an interesting alternative, they aren't for me.

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Jenny Y
Jenny Y
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