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Let’s Talk: Proper Skincare & Simplifying Your Routine

by Anne & Anamesa 6 months ago in skincare

Out with the old, in with the new.

Let’s Talk: Proper Skincare & Simplifying Your Routine
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For my entire life I have struggled with my skin. It’s extremely frustrating and there’s many factors that come into play but it seems as though I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars over the years probably closer in the thousands I am beauty products thinking that they would fix my skin. Not to my knowledge at the time I was using products that were causing more harm to my skin than good. These products were always known as the best way to clear up your skin the best way to exfoliate your skin etc. so I was confident that I had a good routine. Over the years I’ve learned better and have dropped a couple of those products but have still continued using different products from those brands and still using things that were more harmful to my skin and probably causing me to break out even more than I already was. It wasn’t until quarantine and due to TickTock that I have actually learned a lot about skin care and what is good for my skin versus what companies tell me is good for my skin.

Skin care is not a one size fits all type of deal. There are factors to consider: like what your skin type is, if it’s oily, on the dry side, if it’s acne prone etcetera. You may also have to play around with your skin a little to see what works for you and what doesn’t. What products work best is different for everybody as well, and that’s what makes patch testing so important when using new products. Thankfully there’s a lot of information on the Internet that is easily accessible which allows us to figure these things out pretty easily. Tik-tok is filled with skinfluencers, aestheticians and dermatologists sharing different skin care tips and tricks, giving product recommendations and telling us what to stay away from. I will link some YouTube channels below that are good sources of skin care information that have personally helped me out a lot as well.

On TikTok you can refer to @charoletteparler, @whatsonvisface, @jc.dombrowski. Trust me when I say there are TONS of skincare accounts you can find and follow there. It is pretty obvious who you can and can't trust on their opinion.

While my skin is still not break out free, I believe it is mostly because I am still going through a purge phase. I’ll link a definition about what the purge phase is when referring to skin and skin care below. But basically it is when your skin cells are turning over and all of the bad things are coming out of your pores and reaching the surface. This is a good thing because it actually helps with anti-aging processes as well as getting rid of acne quicker. However since it is pulling everything out of my pores into the surface I get breakouts that may have been sitting dormant for a long time that are finally starting to come up and clear up. I’ve noticed areas that seem to play flare up during this purge phase have cleared up already I knew smaller areas seem to emerge and clear themselves on a weekly basis almost.

How am I purging my skin you ask? I added in a retinol to my routine. But let me go step-by-step through my routine and how I’ve simplified it. I used to use all products that were skin clearing, break out clearing, and I always just had super dry, sensitive, flaky skin and couldn’t figure out why. Since learning what I have these past couple months about skin care, I’ve really simplified my routine through different products in accordance with how my skin goes through phases and what it needs throughout the week- and it’s made a big difference. Again, I do still experience breakouts but my skin overall is a lot more even in tone, I have less scars from previous breakouts and my skin is a lot more radiant.

The first, biggest change was my cleanser and starting to double cleanse my face (practically) every night. As I’ve gotten older my skin is more on the dry side and if I cleanse twice a day I feel it really strips my skin down and makes it irritated; so when I do cleanse at night I cleanse well. First, I'll cleanse with an oil based cleanser, which is the most effective in breaking down make up, SPF and other things like that that collect on our skin throughout the day. The one I’m currently using is by Versed and it’s their Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm and while I like it, I don’t think I will be re-purchasing because it does contain essential oils (which can be known to irritate the skin). I follow up with a Laroche Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser and I feel that by the time I’m done cleansing, my skin feels really great.

After cleansing, it depends on the day what step I take next- some nights I will go in and use a glycolic acid toner and the one that I use is from the Inky List, which I bought at Sephora. On a night that I use my glycolic acid toner or any other exfoliants, I keep it pretty simple with the rest of my routine. Usually I will follow up with a hydrating toner, and the one that I like to use is Canacell by Andalou Naturals. While my face is still damp from the toner I’m go ahead and apply my hyaluronic acid serum from Good Molecules and my Mary Jane CBD glow serum from Truly Beauty. I will lock it in with my Cerave moisturizing cream for normal to dry skin and this moisturizer helps to restore and protect the skin barrier. It also includes three essential ceramides and hyaluronic acid in as well. Occasionally I’ll mix that moisturizer with my Cerave facial moisturizing lotion for the nighttime, which also has the ceramides and hyaluronic acid, but it’s a lot more lightweight compared to the cream and it also has nicacinimide as well. I’m less likely to use the p.m. lotion because the niacinamide can sometimes interact with other ingredients poorly. Another optional step that I use sometimes is dabbing on some Squalene oil over the top of the other products, which again, is just really going to help lock in moisture.

Other steps I include only on particular nights of the week included retinol serum, BH a exfoliants and another CBD facial serum from Pacifica. The retinol I use is from Biopelle and it is a retriderm serum mild with .5% retinol.

I hope you all can re-evaluate your skin care routines to be more effective for you! While I like the products mentioned above, please remember to do your own research before using yourself!

Anne & Anamesa
Anne & Anamesa
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