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Know Everything About Olaplex Home Care Routine

by Spring Always 5 months ago in hair

Hair Care

Olaplex has been a sensational salon product for quite some time now. If you have taken hair treatments or hair coloring sitting then your hairstylist must have mentioned Olaplex hair care therapy. It works on restoring the hair bonds that get broken whenever exposed to strong, unnatural chemicals, heat, or draconian pollutants.

If you want to give yourself a changed hair look without disturbing your hair structure then bring the at-home hair care products by Olaplex to your rescue. All of these products have a miraculous molecule that contains chains of amino acids which help in maintaining the hair protein. Furthermore, this leads to crosslinking of the broken disulfide hair bonds, and your hair strength is revived.

These include Olaplex 3, Olaplex0, Olaplex 8 and the science behind these might sound a bit complicated, but the results are simple and clear- “healthy strands liberated from damage”

What are Olaplex 0, 3, and 8?

No. 0 works as the intensive hair treatment primer. This strengthens and restores the elasticity of the hair and protects hair strands from any kind of breakage. It works best if used with No. 3 which completes the famous “Olaplex intensive hair care treatment”.

No.3, also referred to as the hair perfector and restores the damage caused to the hair texture and boosts it by adding smoothness and shine. This looks like a conditioner but the chemical purpose is entirely different. Recommended to use it after No.0 for an intense hair revival.

No. 8 is the moisturizing mask that is known for its easy application, and 6x4x2 times formula. It is unique because it also contains the patented Olaplex magical molecule and ergo holds the bond-building therapy. This means, using Olaplex 8 regularly can get you to 6 times the hydration, 4 times the smoothness, and 2 times the shine! This bond intense repairing mask’s pump-featured design makes the application easy. And if used in appropriate proportion and at the appropriate moment, it can leave your tresses smooth and silky.

“Application Method of Olaplex 0, 3 and 8”

To take the Olaplex at-home intense bond-building treatment first, apply Olaplex no.0 to clean towel-dried hair. Ensure cleanliness, else you can shampoo your hair before starting with the treatment. Apply evenly from roots till the ends. Keep it on for at least 10 minutes. The longer it is on the better it is. After this, apply Olaplex no.3 above it and keep it on for at least 10 minutes. Keeping it on overnight is the perfect duration to hit the best results. Rinse the treatment as you usually do and don't forget to condition them as well. You'll come out with smoother, shinier, and happier hair! Use weekly if hair strands are excessively damaged.

The method of application of the Olaplex 8 moisturizing therapy mask is as simple as any other hair mask. Evenly apply to the clean damp hair from the mid-lengths to the ends, very minutely on the roots. Let it settle for 10 minutes. Rinse as usual. The most important thing that you have to consider for using this hair mask rightly is to use it as per the hydration requirement of your hair. Different hair requires different quantities and the duration of using this also changes with the change of season. Some hair types would need it frequently in the winter season while during monsoons the requirement to go down to once a fortnight or month. Listen to the requirement of your scalp and tresses and accordingly plan the usage. Overuse can make your hair greasy and dull.

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