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Kissable lips Chapsticks

It’s the time of the year

By Mariann CarrollPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 3 min read
Kissable lips Chapsticks
Photo by Catalina Morales on Unsplash

We love our natural lips color , we dont wear lipstick 👄 but Chapsticks. Winter is here and we need to take care of our kissable lips . We don’t want peeling lips or dry lips. Some have lips that blisters especially, when you are out in freezing weather.

Vaseline was my first lip balm / chapstick. It did it’s jobs but let’s be honest. Who lick there lips ? I do , the taste of Vaseline on your tongue is definitely unappealing.

I tried lip balms , they are all right. They even have colored scented lip balm. I just don’t like the taste of perfume on my lips. Maybe it’s just me. I have to used my fingers to place it on my lips at less the lip balm I bought. What is the difference, I say lip balm and chapstick are pretty much the same thing. It’s easy to apply chapstick cause you don’t have to used your naked finger to place it on your lips. It’s more sanitary.

Lipgloss are mostly oily substance that helps enhance one’s lips by adding shimmer or shinny color.

It’s amazing how many types of chapsticks out there. I have tried all these products :



Aquaphor lip repair



Lip Smachers

I can say they all do a great job at keeping your lips hydrated. You can even buy organic Chapsticks.

Men and Women alike wear chapsticks. It’s unisex .( Babies with cold need their lips moist but asked the baby pediatrician before using a product) It benefit everyone, even children who play outdoor sports in the cold weather. Winter activities like ice skating, skiing , walking and etc. No one need to know if you are wearing it or not.

Mariann Carroll Photo

We all have our collection of chapsticks and places we need to put them in for easy access:






Where do you keep your favorite chapstick? Thanks to Judey Kalchik ,

Inspire me to write this piece about Chapstick, Which I have used over decades.

Here is a home recipe to make your own chapsticks :


2tsp Beeswax *(melted )

2tsp Solid Organic Coconut Oil *(melted)

1 tsp Shea Butter

2 Vitamin E liquid (punctured)

2 tsp of almond oil

An clean empty Chapstick container

* One cup of boiling water in a pot , place in a bowl the the beeswax and solid Organic Coconut oil in the boiling water pot, lower the heat . Once the beeswax and Coconut oil is melted in the bowl, turn off the burner and place the rest of the Ingredients in the bowl and mixed together . ( don’t forget to take the bowl safely out of the pot without injuring yourself)Once the ingredients are mixed together , safely used a teaspoon to pour the mixture in the clean empty chapstick container. Let it cool in the fridge for 20 minutes or until the mixture become solid.

I am not a dermatologist but I have tried making my own chapsticks for fun and it work just as a store bought product. You can also add your own favorite oil as well to make it your own personal chapstick.

I hope this helps you decide what is the best lip care product to keep your lips healthy in extreme weather environment. It’s nice to keep those lips kissable . 😘

My personal favorite is Lip Smachers, Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie flavor . I love licking my lips and this chapstick make my lips feel tingling. It’s also cool and delicious on your lips.

I also recommend you used the chapstick for a year after you open it. You want to stay away from using a product that is old and has bacteria and fungus. Some Bactria are so small we cannot see it with our naked eye.

I enjoy writing these piece because I love sharing my personal experiences with others . Thanks again Judey Kalchik for your Facebook post which inspired me to write something I don’t write about.

Our lips are important part of our face so take good care of it.


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Mariann Carroll

Proactive for positive change.Born in the City of Chicago ,Illinois.

Multi race .Studied in a foreign country .Fluent in several languages .

fascinated by diversity.A Romantic and a dreamer.Interest in healthy living

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  • Novel Allen2 days ago

    Who knew chapsticks could make such a great topic. Fully enjoyed it.

  • Rilaya2 days ago

    This one is cute

  • Hamza Shafiq18 days ago

    Well excellent use of titles and how you define such a problem and its solution into this poem keep up the good work stay blessed

  • Nikki Clam18 days ago

    Haha so informative and amazing storytelling, Loved it!😍

  • I use Vaseline on my lips and sometimes carmax👄❤️ Nice Storytelling ❤️ Congratulations on Top Story 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Donna Fox24 days ago

    This was a great informative read, well done and thought out!

  • Thank you all for your wonderful comments , Thanks for making this Top Story ❤️💗

  • Aliyar Azlam24 days ago

    What 10 things should I do to make my life better? 1.Get lost. *Yes you read that right. Get lost at least once a week/month. Take your mobile phone and walk slowly for an hour on a new untraveled road (even if it's crowded) during the day and come back home again (without Googling it). *That one hour will be with every passing awareness in the body. You will definitely feel a difference when you get home. 2.Be agile. * Always keep yourself busy. * Even if you feel tired when you can't sleep, drink some coffee/tea and do small tasks like cleaning the house, organizing the clothes in the closet. * Stay away. Stay away from those who are against your nature, those who make you "mood out". Some have discharge at home/work. It is inevitable. At least avoid face to face. Like new planets should be returned. Share it. Be sure to share happiness or hardship. Keep it in mind and don't increase the pressure. There are a lot of people who have heart attack and hold it down without saying what they will think if they say this out loud. speak up Talk to people 20 years younger than you and 20 years older whenever you get time. Talking to the little one will remind you of what you used to do when you were little. We can evaluate our actions. You will definitely learn some experiential knowledge while talking to seniors. Guest. Go to someone's house and stay for two days. Or invite someone to stay at your home for a couple of days. Happy to spend two days with them though. It is very good to think that we have called you. You will start to feel very happy after they leave. Do what feels right. Don't get complacent by comparing yourself with someone at every stage of life. "It is good if there is a distance between knowledge and mind. What is right? What is wrong? Let us do what we want." Can be alone. Don't force yourself to get used to things you don't agree with/don't like in order to fit yourself into a crowd. "They came and went yesterday. No trace of anyone today." Unexpectedly. Practice a hobby that has no reward. Because there will be no expectation and no disappointment. As written on Quora. friend No matter how many relatives you have, friends are necessary. Especially neighbors and online friends. Value addition is like that. A topping on the cake/ice cream for our lives. 11. Time Management. Life changing for the better. Even if we do our jobs on our own time, keeping the time promised to others builds trust and goodwill.

  • Winner grace!!26 days ago


  • Hafees Riyas27 days ago


  • I really enjoyed reading this Mariann. Good job!!! Congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Gina C.29 days ago

    Congrats on Top Story! This is such a fun and informative article. I love the idea of making chapstick! 😍

  • Misha Kelly29 days ago

    Nicely done! Congrats on Top Story!

  • Heather Hubler29 days ago

    Oh, I loved this article!! I have a wide array of chapsticks and balms, but always love Burt's Bees original. Congratulations on Top Story!!!

  • Francis Katiku29 days ago

    Well researched good work

  • Very well done! Congratulations 🎉 on top story

  • suman mohan29 days ago

    Wonderful tip!

  • Caroline Jane29 days ago

    I have never even thought about making a chapstick. I am going to give it a go when I can. These would make great stocking fillers for friends gifts next year. Thanks for the share and congratulations on your top.story. 🥰

  • Laura29 days ago

    Thank you for sharing such a delightful story about the importance of lip care and the memories that can be associated with it. Your writing style and vivid descriptions made it easy to imagine the different flavors and scents of the Kissable Lips Chapsticks. It's amazing how something as simple as a lip balm can bring back so many fond memories and emotions. Your story reminded me of my own childhood experiences with lip balms and how they can have a special place in one's heart. Keep up the great work!

  • Call Me Les30 days ago

    Love the tips Mariann! Congrats on your top story <3

  • Loryne Andawey30 days ago

    Thank you for posting the recipe for homemade chapstick! I might try it out :)

  • Donna Renee30 days ago

    I am a major chapstick addict. Have been since my trumpet playing days! My husband got me an overnight lip mask and I love it!! I guess i don’t lick my lips as much overnight because of it. It is more of an oily balm but it came with an applicator stick thing so I don’t have to stick my fingers in the tub of it!

  • Cathy holmes30 days ago

    Congrats on your top story

  • Excellent work and congratulations on your Top Story

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I love how your inspiration was Judey's post! I use lipstick when I go out and at home, I use lipbalm. But thanks to you, I learned it's called chapstick because it can be applied on my lips like a lipstick. This was a very well written and informative piece!

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