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Is wild hair growth oil effective in a 65-year-old hair?

by Alzamona Ware 4 months ago in hair

Protein is a key ingredient in a good hair oil. Protein helps keep the hair hydrated and strong, which prevents breakage. You can look for a protein that is known to work well for your hair type.

I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out and I'm currently using a hair oil to prevent breakage and promote growth. I was wondering what type of hair oil is best for this and how I can tell which ones are good?


Protein is a key ingredient in a good hair oil. Protein helps keep the hair hydrated and strong, which prevents breakage. You can look for a protein that is known to work well for your hair type. There are also protein-rich products that are more specifically for hair, like Dr. Hauschka Protein Care Conditioner.

When choosing a hair oil, it's important to be careful. Not all oils are created equal. Some may be too oily, while others are too thick and sticky. The oils will never give you long hair overnight. But they are surely worth a try if you are looking for products to get your hair thicker.

Oil helps to lighten, detangle or grooming hair. These oils can be applied to the scalp at night to strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

ME natural Hair Oil for growth is fortified with khus+shikakai combination that provides the right amount of protein and coconut oil maintains the oil when applied on scalp at night. The product helps in strengthening thinning hair roots when massaged on scalp with little water.

How They Work

Massaging the scalp with these oils will help in regulating sebum secretion because of which it stimulates blood flow and maintains skin health. I discussed the ingredients of hair oil to understand what benefits it offers for your hair.

Hairs grow faster when given what they need. This is why, one needs to know what to look for in a good hair oil because not all oils are good for all types of hair. It will only be damaging if the oil does not suit your hair type. So here are 3 things that you should consider before investing in any hair oil: 1)Oil composition 2)Oil texture 3)Oil scent & quality

Oil composition: You can use an olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard seed oil or sunflower seed oil as these oils do not cause any damage to the scalp and are also light on the hair.

Ever had the feeling like your long hair is slowly growing shorter?

As attractive as long hair can be, we all experience that frustration with having to cut just a little bit more of our beautiful locks every time we wash our hair.

Long hair may seem like an impossible dream: too much work and just not natural for people who live in countries with hot and humid climates, but fear not! We have found 10 useful ingredients for you to include in your favorite homemade hair care recipes.

Growing your hair is a process. It's not going to happen overnight. There are a lot of other things that you need to be doing in order to grow healthy, beautiful locks which should be the ultimate goal for everybody.

So, should you add hair oil to your natural hair regimen?

The answer lies in understanding the varying benefits that these products offer and take into account your type of lifestyle, environment and needs. There are a lot of oils out there!

One major point to note when taking a look at oils is whether they will help with flaking. If you're someone who has an oily scalp or suffers from dandruff, then this could be a viable choice for you.

Although some forms of hair oils may work better than others, their ability to get past our hair’s oily barrier depends on the type of oil being applied.


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