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Is Eco Styler Gel Really Canceled?

Or Nah?

By Ayana .Published 5 years ago 3 min read

WHAT IN THE baby hairs is going on here? The first time I heard about Eco Styler Gel being cancelled, I didn't understand why. This was the only gel I used that could actually lay my natural 4c hair down. It's the only thing that could slick my ponytail back with some beeswax and the only thing that made my curls pop when I decided to do a twist out. I was so over it. When I saw the videos online and articles online, I didn't care about what everyone was saying because this is the only thing I wanted to use.

Then one day my eyes started turning red and I started tearing up. I wasn't sure what from but I ignored it. The second time it happened again, but only this time my eyes started itching. That's when I decided to wash my hair and do research. What I searched was "Why is Eco Styler Gel cancelled?" I got lots of information about the ingredients and also a message from the brand itself explaining the entire thing.

So They Say...

The first thing I saw when I searched about this gel was cancer. This gel contains cancer. The ingredient is called Tetrasodum. It is a known carcinogen according to the National Cancer Institute—and sodium cyanide (which is made from the toxic gas hydrogen cyanide). This is scary right? This ingredient breaks down the skin's barrier to let in whatever harmful ingredients into your deep tissues and bloodstream. So basically if this thing does cause cancer, years down the road you may end up with all these things wrong with your brain because it's going in our hair, in our scalp, and near our face. Who knows what else it can lead to?


Eco Styler Gel - Water (Aqua), Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Glycerin, PVP, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Polysorbate 20, Tetrasodium EDTA, Fragrance - Love and Pride.

We all see this list of ingredients to make the product. The list was obviously approved so that the item can sell and I'm pretty sure it sold well. With that being said, this isn't the only product that has Tetrasodum in it. There's other face products, lip products, shampoos, and conditioners with this same ingredient. We just seem to always look past them because it might not seem as harmful but in all they all do still do the same damage.

The Aftermath


After all the natural gurus cancelled Eco Styler, the brand decided to speak up and explain that their ingredients in the product. They basically said that they only use safe and healthy ingredients. Their products are Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Cruelty Free, Formaldehyde Free. So is Eco Styler Gel really cancelled? For some people it may be the end. But when they explained it to all the good paying customers it's almost like the outbreak didn't happen.

Nay for Me


So if you're not continuing with this gel, simply because it goes against your hair health, then you can make your own gel out of flex seeds. You just boil the seeds, strain them, and add any oils or whatever to the mix. You can get more D.I.Y. on YouTube or Google.

Yay for Me


If it's yay for you, then pick your favorite gel and keep it moving. It's fun to try some of the new ones so choose wisely based off this chart and get to smoothing those edges and baby hairs. I'm going to be the one to still use this gel only because it's my cup of tea. It's cheap and I love what it can do to my hair.


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I'm a creator of many works. I live life & try to enjoy what I have. I'm a dreamer and I love to be heard.

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