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Invincible Hot Wheels

Invincible Hot Wheels

By stacey wilsonPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

No one asks me how I'm doing because my life fades in and out of time, with no memorable moments. University, I have not changed much, my heart is full of old things, once you have a new. Change, I stand in the new environment but did not move forward. Some have a love, some have a purpose. I'm standing here like I thought that year, but I'm not doing what I wanted to do that year. I did not envy the glory around, but very dull to walk every day, life is really boring, knowing that they have no meaning, but still do not have the courage to resist, maybe it is really foreign things do not allow themselves to change, or maybe that year's thought is really not now. A year to the past, there is no vision, this may be the biggest doubt about the future, not because of the environment, not a regret, is some of their own choice, unable to change all the income now. Already owned even if again precious, not to collect, can only become piles of useless garbage in the years, life sometimes in their own disgust slowly decay. My song, the melody is too noisy, my meal, too not adapt to the taste buds of the tongue. At this moment, the light is shining on my head, but it does not shine on my eyes. This time, it is different from my eyes, and like the light, it is really bright, but it has no effect on me. If you go back to that day, I think you must know me, and I must envy you, not because I don't change, but because you shine. Now, I still think and think, I also expect to expect, for myself, for those nameless envy, I still live my life, but also want to laugh and forget some, firm, happy. Smile, is a kind of danger, but also the beginning of my response to life, since I learned to smile that moment, I also know to stay away from danger, so far, is still such a kind of appearance, make me moved, make me believe that some things, experienced is your, forget no longer have the results, hesitate is to go forward.A large company was looking for a marketing person. The excellent salary and benefits attracted many applicants. In addition to other basic requirements, the conditions of employment also require a certain eloquence, many people are eager to try. After the written test and interview, three people were left for the final test. When the first applicant walked in, he found himself sitting in front of the general manager of a group of companies. He was known for his assertiveness and conciliatory manner in the business world. When the applicant saw the boss interview in person, he could not help but panic up. The boss's question was scathing and provocative, and the candidate did not dare to refute it directly, but tried to justify himself. In less than half an hour, he was questioned by the boss and was helpless. The boss smiled and said to him, "You can go out now." The second one was the same. As soon as he saw that the person presiding over the test was a boss with high prestige in the business, he was immediately overwhelmed by the boss's momentum and could not give full play to his language skills. Soon it was the third candidate, who was confronted by what he saw as a thin, smart old recruiter in glasses. The applicant said to the boss, "Hello." The boss gave him a dignified look and asked a lot of questions. The applicant talked with great confidence. A slight smile appeared on his lips. Suddenly, the boss asked a very personal and sharp question. Listen to the applicant, can not help but some angry, but still calm and polite pointed out the boss. The boss did not agree with his point of view, and the two of them argued. The boss's voice suddenly stopped, smiled and said: "Yes, have the courage, you wait for our company's final notice." The third candidate exhaled out of the interview room and saw the previous two candidates. The third candidate was dumbfounded when he learned that the interviewer was the boss of a company called One Group. He thought of his argument with the boss and thought he would never be hired anyway.


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