I Used a Men's Razor for a Month, and This Is What I Noticed...

by Monica DeMill 2 years ago in hair

Yes, I use a men's razor. And no, I'm never going back.

I Used a Men's Razor for a Month, and This Is What I Noticed...

Yes that's right, I use a men's razor. And no,

If you search “men’s vs. women’s razor” one of the top searches was, “can a woman use a man’s razor?” And “can a woman use a man’s shaving cream?” Uhh, of course you can! I still use my own shaving cream ('cause in that case, women’s shaving cream smells better. Ha) but the razor is a different story.

I used to be one of those women that felt like I had to use things the way they were intended to be used. "Alright, I'm a woman, so I have to use a woman's razor!" Makes sense right?

It wasn't until I was across the country visiting my boyfriend—now husband—when I realized I had forgotten my razor, and I was just about to shower, when my boyfriend said, "You can use mine." And the rest is pretty much history.

I was a believer. I knew I loved using his razor more than mine. And I had heard other women say the same thing about using a man's razor. I still used mine for a while because I didn't want to deal with any embarrassment of going into the store and getting a guy's razor. To which there was probably no embarrassment, I'm just introverted. But I digress.

But finally, just last month, I had used up my last razor. So I decided to give it a go, and see what a men's razor really had to offer.

It. Was. Amazing!

My legs didn't start getting prickly until a few weeks in! They stayed soft, and I don't have to shave anywhere else as often. I also noticed I didn’t have to switch blades as often, or buy a new razor altogether.

Of course, this could be easily explained. Men's razors are mainly used for facial hair, which is more rough and coarse. So the blades are angled differently to get a closer shave. Women don't have to worry about coarse hair.

But, if men's razors work better for us anyway, why aren't they the same?

It could have something to do with branding/marketing. Naturally, women are drawn towards things that make them feel feminine, not manly. Plus, I guess it’s a thing that women’s skin is naturally softer and more sensitive. So of course brands will advertise about leaving our skin soft, because who likes having razor burn? (Not me... *shiver*)

For example...

Really BiC?

Okay honestly, this one is really funny to me. I really hope there aren't women out there who think, "Oh! They have pens for women! Now I can use them!" But also, they're lighter weight. Obviously this wouldn’t leave our skin soft. But...

Anyway. I would probably still get them 'cause they're cute.

Also I found this one:

I'm just gonna leave this here because... I... I don't know. I want to know the difference, though. I really do.

Onto my other point, women definitely think things are cuter than men. Sorry, but it's true. More often than not. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of men freak out about a little puppy. But my point still stands.

And I'll admit, company's like Gillette/Venus definitely have that figured out. I'll give them that. They make super cute razors! I know I wouldn’t mind one of these sitting in my bathroom, instead of one of those orange, disposable ones.

Though to be honest, I still prefer the blue option...

Super Cute

Anyway! I'll never turn back to a normal women's razor, because my life has forever been changed from the men's razor. Not that we girls shave that much in the winter (if we're being honest here, come on) but if you do have to shave, I highly suggest investing in a men's razor.

Cosmo did declare, “If you're thinking it seems biased because Venus wants us to use Venus, know that Venus is owned by Gillette, which makes the men's razors that so many of us are using." Which is true. They’re made by the same people, but they’re still made differently to target different audiences. That’s like saying, “Kellogg’s makes Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops, so they taste the same.”

Obviously we all have our own opinions, and that’s okay. Women’s razors work better for some women. This was just my personal experience. And in my personal experience, I would rather shave with a men’s razor.

Plus, they're MUCH cheaper. What's not to like?

Happy Shaving!

Monica DeMill
Monica DeMill
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