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I can't stop burping when I sit still. What should I do?

The body's mind

By danielkmay jhPublished 5 months ago 3 min read

Reader: Hello, generous teacher! In fact, I have always wanted to ask the generous teacher a question. I began to meditate regularly for 15 years, and then, especially in the past 2 years, when I meditated, I burped and vomited, and it was very difficult to enter the stillness. Now I burp a little less, and I can be quiet for a while, but it is still not ideal. So I would like to ask the generous teacher that burping is exhausting turbid gas, right? but after 2-3 years, it is difficult to meditate. Is there any way not to hiccup when meditating? I think it's meaningless not to meditate.

Me: don't ask to be quiet yet. Quiet. Clear in front, that is, the first discharge of turbid gas, leaving clear gas. Ordinary people have a lot of turbid gas. Exhaust turbid gas, need to relax, physical relaxation, psychological relaxation. It is a good thing to be able to relax and discharge turbid gas.

Reader: Hello, generous teacher! It's hard to meditate or hiccup. Is there any good way not to hiccup when you meditate?

Me: how to discharge the exhaust gas without hiccups, and how to break the bubbles and loosen them first. It's loose. it's quiet. You can't be quiet now.

Reader: Hello, generous teacher! Thank you for your patient explanation. Suddenly I have an idea, whether to eat less or not at night, such as not eating after noon, will reduce the burden on the spleen and stomach, reduce the production of turbid gas, and will the hiccups end ahead of schedule?

Me: it is certain to reduce the generation of turbid gas. It is not certain whether the hiccups end early or not. Don't eat if you're not hungry. Don't eat if you can't. If you can eat less, eat less, not reluctantly.

Do not underestimate bubbles, this is a large number of physical and physiological phenomena. As I often say, every heart knot may produce bubbles. The bubble, which is the energy boundary, is an independent space-time, which means that there is an obvious resistance to the energy cycle. When a great spiritual practitioner was doing energy cleaning for people with his spiritual eyes, he saw a person trapped by love with a huge number of tiny bubbles in his brain. If these bubbles are not solved, it will be impossible to improve physically and psychologically. I have also written that each person, each individual, their energy can be different from that around them because of bubbles. The so-called aura, in terms of shape, is a bubble.

We often say that all the bubbles are broken, and all the aura of heaven and earth is integrated with you. The so-called Lei Zhen know the tricks, in fact, the atmosphere burst, the so-called energy implosion, is also the bubble burst, but very few people can observe the complete boundary of this bubble, because the bubble boundary is so large that there seems to be no boundary. Because it cannot be observed, it is not easy to detect the existence of bubbles.

Hiccups, that is, there are bubbles burst, non-stop hiccups, there are a large number of bubbles burst. In the ordinary human body, there are many bubbles all over the body, and the weaker the person is, the more bubbles there are in the body. Bubbles are air knots, which can also cause meat knots. All kinds of membrane structures in the body are bubble structures in the early stage. One possibility of growing things in the body is that, just like filling sausages and eggs, there is an invisible bubble structure at first, and then something is constantly put into it.

The most important skill you should learn is to learn to heal yourself.

Take full responsibility for life, for your own ideas, for everything that can affect your existence!


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