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How to Use Eyebrow Makeup

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How to Use Eyebrow Makeup

The style and shape of your eyebrows is something that is unique to you and something that may change over time. If you haven’t used eyebrow makeup before and aren’t sure how to take full advantage of it then this beginner’s guide may help. Whether you like to use cheap makeup options or the more luxury and high priced items we’ll be able to guide you towards creating the look that suits you best.

Firstly, a lot of women choose to use tweezers in order to pluck and shape their eyebrows. The danger of doing this is of course, overdoing it. We’d recommend that if you use tweezers that you not actually touch the main body of your eyebrows. Instead, only use tweezers to remove the occasional stray hair/s but stay away from the main body of your brows.

Step one for shaping those brows is to brush the hairs straight up. This helps to see what you’re working with and to determine where may need filled in.

Then to see where your eyebrows should start and finish, take a pencil (or anything straight and hold it on the outside of your nose and point it vertically up your face. Where the pencil meets your eyebrows is where they should start (pluck anything that goes closer to the middle)....unless you want the mono-brow look.

Then, with the pencil still starting from the outside corner of your nose, angle it to the outside corner of your eye. Where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where they should stop (pluck anything that is outside of this boundary).

To work out where the highest part of the arch should be, take the pencil one last time, starting from the outside corner of your nose and angle it so that the pencil goes over the centre of your eye. Where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where the highest point of your brow should be.

Once you have measured where the eyebrows should start and finish and have brushed the hairs up, use a pencil that matches your eyebrow colour and fill in the spaces using very light and small strokes. Less is more here. You don’t want thick obvious lines. If you struggle with a pencil then you can also use an angled brush and a spoolie. A final touch to this process is to use a clear or tinted brow mascara.

One good tip when filling in sparse areas of your brow is to start in the middle of the brow where the arch is and then work inwardly towards your nose. Still follow the direction of the brow hairs with each stroke but move gradually inwards. This helps to prevent too much product being applied to the inner section of your brow – which looks unnatural. Then, continue towards the outer edge of the brow.

Be sure not to go too far by extending the tail end of the brow. This can create a droopy effect that can make you look a bit unhappy. If you have followed the previous step of measuring where your brow should start and finish then this shouldn’t be a problem.

If you don’t have any gaps or sparse areas but would like to make them appear thicker and darker then try using brow mascara with very light strokes. A common theme here is to use light, delicate strokes and to build up cautiously. It’s easier to add more than it is to take away.

One last tip is to use concealer beneath your brows rather than highlighter. Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin instead of highlighter because highlighter can draw too much attention to the area. Remember, generally speaking, the more natural the results the better your brows will ultimately look.

There you have it! A simple beginner’s guide to creating natural, well shaped, thick and full looking brows.

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