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How to Take Care of Your Hair Loss Situation

by Fuse Hair 2 years ago in hair
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Take Care of Your Hair Fall with these simple tips

Hair loss has become one of the most common problems worldwide. About one-third of the population is suffering from hair fall problems today. Every one of us loses about a hundred strands of hair every day. This condition is normal as we gain more than 100 strands of hair every day. If the rate of hair loss exceeds the rate of hair gain, the problem is known as hair fall. The problem of hair fall should not be avoided because avoiding this may lead to permanent baldness in future. If you are suffering from permanent baldness, you can opt for hair transplantation. Many clinics for hair transplantation are available in all cities. To get the best results you have to select the best one of them. How to select the best clinic. You can search for the same on the internet and read the reviews of users. Try to use different phrases to get the best results from the internet like hair loss treatment in Gurgaon, hair transplant in Gurgaon, etc.

There are many causes of hair loss including mineral deficiency, vitamin deficiency, improper diet, stress, pollution, and genetics. Wearing a helmet regularly is also one of the reasons for hair loss in men. In this article, we will discuss some important steps which you can follow to take care of your hair loss situation.

Wash Your Hair Regularly with a Mild Shampoo

By washing your hair regularly you can prevent hair loss. This is because it keeps your scalp clean from various pollutants and also removes dandruff, which is one of the major causes of hair loss.

Include Vitamins in Your Diet

Vitamins not only support the health of our body but also essential for the health of hair. Vitamin A supports the production of sebum in our scalp. On the other hand, vitamin E is responsible for good blood circulation in the scalp. Healthy blood circulation in the scalp promotes the health of hair follicles. Vitamin B helps maintain the colour of our hair.

Enrich Your Diet with Protein

Protein is a bodybuilding food which is an essential ingredient for healthy hair growth. Include the foods in your diet that contain protein. Examples of such foods include lean meat, fish, soya, etc.

Massage of Scalp with Essential Oils

Persons who have been suffering from hair fall for quite some time may try massaging their scalp with essential oil for a few minutes. If the massaging is done in the right manner, it can support the health of hair follicles. You can add lavender in sesame oil or almond oil.

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

All the strands of hair are in their weakest state when they are wet. Therefore, you should avoid brushing your wet hair. If you do so, this will harm the hair follicles and will increase the chances of getting hair loss treatment in future. Besides this, you should avoid brushing your hair too frequently as this will also injure the hair follicles. It is better to use your fingers to detangle your hair rather than using a comb or a brush.

Garlic Juice, Onion Juice, or Ginger Juice

Select any of these three juices and rub on your scalp. After applying leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. Doing it regularly will strengthen the hair follicles and soon you will see a noticeable result.

Stay Hydrated

Hairstyle and comprises one-quarter water. Therefore, it is suggested to drink at least 4 to 8 cups of water every day. This not only supports the health of your hair but also helps your body function properly.

Rug Green Tea on Your Hair

According to several studies, rubbing green tea on your hair may help curb the hair loss problems. How to do this. Prepare a cup of green tea and leave it to cool down. After that apply it to your hair. Leave it for at least 1 hour and then wash your hair properly. To see the best results practice this regularly for 7 to 10 days.

Know What is Bad for Your Hair

In order to keep your hair healthy, you should know what activities can harm your hair and what activities are healthy for your hair. Rubbing the hair with a towel to dry them may harm the hair follicles. Therefore, it is better to let them dry naturally.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking not only damages your lungs slowly but also affects the health of your hair. Smoking cigarettes reduces the amount of blood flowing to the scalp which interferes with the health of the hair follicles due to which a decrease in the health of hair growth is seen.

Avoid Stress

Stress is one of the major factors for hair loss. However, the lost hair due to stress can be regained naturally after controlling the stress levels. But still, stress is dangerous for the health of your hair. Therefore, it is advised not to take much stress. Stress has indeed become a part of our life but there are many ways by which we can control the stress to reach harmful levels. Whenever you feel stressed you can listen to your favourite songs. Performing meditation and yoga in the morning helps reduce stress to a maximum level.

Avoid Constant Heating and Drying

Heat weakens the hair protein and affects the health of hair follicles. Therefore, you should not use any equipment for drying your hair like a hairdryer.

Keep an Eye on Medications and Therapies

Certain medications and therapies may lead to the problem of hair fall. For example, chemotherapy used to treat cancer may lead to hair fall in some patients. If you experience a sudden hair fall which you think may be the result of certain medications that you are taking, you should consult with your doctor regarding the problem.

Closing Words

In this article, we have learnt how you can take care of your hair if you are experiencing hair loss. Hope this article helped you. If any of you is suffering from permanent baldness, hair transplant is the perfect solution for that problem. You should take hair transplant services only from the reputed clinics in your area which you can search on the internet by typing different phrases like the best hair transplant clinic in Gurgaon, the best clinic for hair transplant in Gurgaon, etc.


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